Hunter not sure what to do now

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  1. Peaches. This was her first scene of only 2 total.

  2. Blue door without doubt..there's nothing that could be behind the red door thatll change my mind.

  3. I love this. Thatll teach that kid and the mother to get her kid out the way of people doing their job. Note: don't try and defend the mother. She's at fault here. And so the kid who see the Guard marching towards him. He thought this on duty Royal Guard would go around him, huh. back to school kid. show some respect. Fact.

  4. Respect? I spit on your disgusting monarchy of rapists, thieves, and demagogues.

  5. Top bloke. He can now wear the scout badge for wrestling an alligator to save a woman. Impressive.

  6. In a confrontation ALWAYS keep your hands ready and in front somehow so you can create distance and defend yourself.

  7. As much as I appreciate the point of hunting and i enjoy guns and bows, this is why I don't hunt. I'd rather look at these animals than blow them away.

  8. Well then good luck I guess. Best wishes.

  9. Is your wife always expressing her liberty with other men because you love her independence?

  10. I like to see outrageous things. Sex is sex but it's the situation where by it happens. Ive had a long history of GFs and a wife getting up to stuff with me and others, yet if I told you about my sex with them generally speaking it's not interesting, for you. But if I told you the one where my gf now wife gave my friend a good night kiss only for a joke and he pulled her forward onto the sofa and her boobs came out her robe as they shared a long tongue kiss.. then it's interesting.

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