Unfinished games are the new standard and I’m fucking sick of it.

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  1. This is awesome, keep up all the hard work guys!!! Thanks for allowing us to finally take digital ownership into our hands!!

  2. Open an account at another bank. Ask first that it is possible to add money to wise from there.

  3. Well they just removed the ability to tip people with BTC due to it only have $8k volume since it’s release.

  4. I can't see BTC going that low unless Putin starts firing off Nukes.

  5. Well I've got a shovel, some bricks and a will to live 😁

  6. Idk why this post got deleted but I used this faucet and it works wonderful!! Thanks OP for taking the time to build this and to find a way to fund this!!

  7. It was an extremely rare event for the government to pump so much money into the economy, people don’t really understand just how much money they printed and put into the economy. We may never see ATHS again but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🚀🚀

  8. The entire economy was over cooked for years before the pandemic, they needed to print that to prevent collapse during a time of uncertainty/a deadly virus. It might take a few more years than expected to bounce back, but crypto hasn’t fundamentally changed over these last couple of years. In fact, more big players and countries across the world are taking crypto more seriously now than ever before.

  9. Exactly. My thought process is that it’ll take 4-7 years for the money to slowly come back into the crypto market. It won’t be a sudden overnight move.

  10. So I'm a salty old gamer, and many years ago I came to the realization buying games at full price just... isn't worth it. I'm perpetually forever behind, I almost never play anything at launch.. I just live off of Steam sales and holiday bogos and discount bins. By the time I get around to playing something, it's the GOTY, bugfixed, patched, finished version and I pay like $17 bucks for it (other than Nintendo shit, cause that almost never goes on sale).

  11. Yep, Zelda is one of my few launch titles as well. There's a pretty good chance Tears will be the next game I shell out full price for.

  12. Oh if they have a collector’s edition I already have $200 set back for it. I hope to god they do something special for Zelda.


  14. I thought your name was…. Nevermind you already know what I thought it was. 😂😂

  15. I highly doubt the bottom is in. But go ahead go 100x Long on that shit coin that is going to take you to the moon. 🚀🚀

  16. 1.Nobody knows shit about fuck so always DYOR 2. Only invest what you’re comfortable losing because crypto is HIGHLY volatility

  17. Why act this way? Just to get more money? Or to become more famous? It’s complete bullshit. If I had even 1% of what he has, instead of trying to destroy what everyone has worked hard to build, I would try to help build the space up, help others, not kick em while they are down.

  18. Agreed. The only reason I can see that anybody would vote against this proposal is because they just want to farm moons.

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