1. Anyone know why Taylor didn’t A) run the ball on first down on their last possession and B) why he called a timeout soon afterwards?

  2. It was damned if you do, damned if you don’t - can’t argue with Andy thinking we couldn’t convert 4th and 9 and a field goal would’ve been real tough too, but we got lucky

  3. Yeah, the Chiefs probably go for a Hail Mary if Mahomes doesn’t get hit

  4. I’m going to be honest.. that game was one of the first times it looked like the Chiefs offense couldn’t do much. So many drives that just didn’t go anywhere. I’m not used to seeing that in a Mahomes led offense. Usually you get 1-2 stops if you’re lucky. I mean without the penalty they probably weren’t even in FG range

  5. Mahomes nearlly gave the game away with that fumble.

  6. Rodgers IMO still is the most impressive but both are better than any QB ever

  7. I miss him and aikman on fox. I’m not gonna lie

  8. Serious. It’s a question. Brady, yes. Who else? Are we talking total rings or stats or both?

  9. I agree, 50/50. But shoving the QB out of bounds is automatically a penalty

  10. I said it in the game thread, but the last Chiefs drive of the first half being three straight incompletions and a punt could be huge.

  11. Their D has been great… their offensive hasn’t been impressive

  12. I think everyone is rooting against the eagles and their annoying fan base

  13. Rookie coach does rookie coach things and has an infatuation with Westbrook

  14. Wait why isnt he throwing his mouthpiece at people

  15. He makes it seem like they are squaring off against each other lol. It's gonna be our o-line and TEs against their front seven.

  16. His blocking is fantastic, and he has a good catch radius since he's like 6'5. Average at best at everything else though. Can be a semi-decent WR 2 in the right situation.

  17. The market is kinda bad this offseason, there's no WR1s and the 2 solid WR2s are Juju/Meyers.

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