1. They’re back to being good. That was like 6-7 months ago when I felt they had issues too

  2. Why is nearly every dispensary running insanely cheap deals on Klutch vapes rn then? Something seems sus. And I like Klutch too

  3. The most recent vape I got from them wasn’t great. Before that, someone made a topic about not feeling an O43 vape. Then I see all these sales pop up. Would not be surprised if something was going on there.

  4. Well that would be super dope. But does that look like a continued decrease in quality? 🧐

  5. i threw that shit away ngl i didn’t think i had a chance getting a refund because that’s kinda subjective you could say

  6. Yeah idk I’m used to Klutch’s weird tasting carts and this is something completely different and way less potent

  7. Yeah when i opened fi immediately knew something was off. the icc cart was sorta fine same with the co2 cart but the whip it was revolting lol. it probably wouldn’t hurt to reach out but i just did not feel like dealing with the whole “People taste things differently blah blah blah” Literally tasted and smelled like Mr clean

  8. Same! I took one look at it and was like uhhhhh? I emailed them, hopefully they’ll have someone get back to me soon

  9. Bag balm or okeefe, I work in restaurants and have to use these…I’ve also been told to use something that helps repel water…I do a major overnight treatment with gloves every night

  10. Bag balm is the only thing I found that actually helps my sons eczema! Highly recommend

  11. Literally every recommended spf I tried made me break out until I finally found the Neutrogena Clear Face liquid sunscreen

  12. GUYS in the article I read last night about this, they were whining about how they have already had to decrease their prices- stating mmj in ohio is now HALF the price that it is in PA.

  13. The cheapest and most efficient way I've found is using a small piece of fruit skin. Been doing that for some time since I got a batch of Super Sour Orange that was dry. Small piece of orange rind dropped in the jar overnight made a big difference. Apple works too and doesn't leave any taste. Left one in too long once and grew mold, so careful on how long.

  14. start buy looking through products through

  15. I'm not sure who could use this information, but I have Essential Tremors - and this strain (from varying brands) has made them all but stop. This and Blueberry Cheese are the only ones that have given me an extreme and fairly immediate reaction.

  16. Someone with pretty serious ptsd whose lived with even more serious anxiety their entire life right here my brotha

  17. So in my experience, all of the RSO I have tried has been great but I have to dose really carefully with Cokoh’s FECO because it’ll send my heart rate into a tizzy

  18. I was just mulling this over as well, but I saw in one of the descriptions saying “distillate + botanical terpenes” so I think I don’t think I’m going to chance it

  19. It doesn't matter if you use it ONLY for DD or not. They are not that picky for small time guys. Now if you made like 5k+ a week they MIGHT audit you but unlikely. They like to audit bigger businesses as there's more to make mistakes on or miss. Just being a delivery driver is pretty simple, subtract anything you use for doing it, brake work, phone, or anything like that, then subtract mileage instead of gas as you'll come out better. If you want to be really detailed just go to a CPA for taxes and they will give you a list of things they want and help you if you're unsure. If you pay for your car still, you can subtract the car's interest for that year for the months you used it also as you use the car for the job.

  20. Did doordash show you how much miles you traveled ?

  21. Awweee. He gets a bit obsessive sometimes so I have to hide the rope time to time. 🤣 I don't know how he learned to do this because I am far far from training cats. I guess some cats can just do it naturally. We're the lucky hoomans! 🐈‍⬛😍

  22. Omg how cute! I always thought my cat was the only one that did this. She will even play by herself, tossing a toy down the stairs and running down to get it and bring it back 😂

  23. I think they send you and estimate of active time and it's pretty close from what I remember last year. but you do have to track it on your own.

  24. I've never been in your spot exactly (I don't suffer from depression), but I have had massive blues from a break-up. Honestly, you sound like you're doing the right stuff. Working was honorable, you journal, you visit family, and attending al-anon is great!

  25. I drive to avoid my uncomfy feelings too! 😂 just here to say you’re not alone, and I’m sorry you’re going through all that. I would highly recommend finding an in person or virtual AlAnon group (or something similar,) - loving and living with someone with an addiction like that can really really fuck you up. Take care of yourself.

  26. A lot of peculiar incidents and reactions when this brand is mentioned. There's a slew of incidents where people first complained about chemical taste(I personally tasted it as well,disgusting)...people got told it was the taste llloll. Too bad many people have had the strain multiple times to know better.Then mold pics were posted from 2 different people. One person was banned,but came back and stated there's a ton of peculiar activity I won't openly state,but the comments were hilarious.

  27. My post about the flower on the FS lid was NOT Klutch. I wasn’t specific enough in my post and people just ran with it lol but it was, indeed, Firelands

  28. Thats why I said "I couldn't speak on it for certain "..yea ur post was confusing but it happens. I wanted to leave that somewhat vague because I didn't know the entire u got moldy shit tho. Nobody should be putting out moldy stuff. Firelands deserves to get shit for that.

  29. Yeah I just was not prepared for the post to blow up like it did 🥲 but you’re right, we shouldn’t even have to worry about this in a medical program

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