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Poverty in South America

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Maybe they're just using better P2P platforms to trade.

  2. I wonder if there are proxies you could look at to try and gauge use of other p2p platforms that do not share data (eg Binance). Possibly how many hits websites of certain wallets/exchanges are getting from Venezuelan IPs and/or on-chain data that might give a bit more of an idea.

  3. In Venezuela the inflation rate is so high the paper bill must be running out of space to fit in all the zeroes.

  4. ban_3hy8pfi49kt5kzugpi9gyotwn6wr7abappwmmdgn57otr88aswrff5jxu4cf

  5. Maybe I’m missing something, but why do you think the Costco water is imported?

  6. There is no Kirkland factory here in Venezuela for sure

  7. I don’t know what the currency exchange is, but that still seems quite expensive for bottled water 😳

  8. How much is a loaf of bread there? 12 usd monthly wage is crazy, had no idea it was so low

  9. A canilla bread (like a baguette) is around 0.33 USD

  10. Super cheap by US standards, but by the weekly wage it’s expensive… hope shit gets better once Chevron is able to export oil to the US for 6 months… though I doubt it most of the $$ likely will flow to the elite

  11. Lets see what happens I understand it is effective immediately

  12. Let me ask my boss but I don't think she is available

  13. I see the US State Department has arrived to dispense their weekly update.

  14. Don't be surprised if you get a check, your interaction always helps and has been noted

  15. Can you live like a king there with $500usd a month?

  16. Es menos de lo que me decían pero suena más realista. Me hablaban de 15M al día jugando nada más 4h jaja

  17. Como 12 horas diarias a low level

  18. Most beans are generally imported to Venezuela. Cattle goes through boom/bust cycles there. The slash and burn technique only keeps the fields fertile for a couple of seasons after burning the forest.

  19. And here prices don't change because of the seasons.

  20. In both cases, beans and meat are locally produced.

  21. In Haiti, it's about $1.5 a day

  22. well.. good luck with your militancy behind the keyboard then.

  23. It is ok I also do it in real time here in Venezuela.

  24. I earn a bit more, but yeah the monthly minimum wage in Venezuela is 15 USD

  25. So your minimum Hourly wage is about $.50 cent? I was very confused by this since I know nothing about the country and your post didn’t explain much. But thanks for explaining it :)

  26. yes, I know what hyperinflation is but 2,000,000% is stretching the truth for Venezuela in 2018. Forbes said it was 80,000% in 2018 which is still massive but just trying to keep it real here as anything goes on Reddit and the subs are full of misinformation


  28. Ok, you if you say so. You can believe what makes you happy.

  29. $15 per month. Or did I read that incorrectly? Is this like UBI? Or is op referring to $15/hr.?

  30. Do you use Reserve? I heard it's gaining popularity there

  31. Do people trust or use the Petro ? The thought here is any government created crypto will result in the same effects from physical currency

  32. Sounds good. What do you think the fast way to mass adoption? I assume people don't trust the currency but don't really have a choice. Do you think there is a path to legalization?

  33. Goldfarming is also big underground economy in vzla, lot of my friends live of it, even his moms plays Runescape.

  34. So to "reclap" Roughly 10 pds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 5 pounds of maze corn meal, 1 can fish, 2 pounds of sugar, dried milk and coffee. That's not enough for a single person.

  35. One tin of sardines to last one month? What’s that, half a sardine a day?

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