1. Pretty easy actually. Fuse all the legendary doodle axolotl you had from before and you can make this in no time. I think I have 22 HC DM ones set to finish in an hour!

  2. On the off-chance that you use a Linux operating system, you can use `xdotool` utility and it can simulate the arrow keys, you don't even have to make something hold down the actual key.

  3. Worth it? My son wants to get one shoot I might want one too 🤣

  4. I read on here that the amount rounds up, so you have to have 372/1485 complete. You’re almost there!

  5. Just gotta grind it out like they did try to catch up when they’re sleeping is how I caught up with my kids. now I’m just trying to get them huges or “cute pets” for my daughter

  6. Ya’ll talking about the flange nuts?

  7. The studs on the top of the coil overs have an extra nut before connecting to the body shouldn’t be that way of factory is wrong? Lol

  8. Wait wtf is going on here why are those upper mounts spaced off with a nut? I’ve never seen that before

  9. I wave at pretty much every Subaru I catch sometimes you get a smile from people others are like who’s this ass

  10. Thank you! That helps yeah. A little poke I see as expected that’s why I am considering +40 offset.

  11. Thanks looked at your pictures and yeah it seems to poke a bit as well just like +38 🤔

  12. I’m torn on mud flaps, but you might just be right. I’ll consider this lol.

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