1. My one gripe with TDA is the $38 Mandatory Reorganization fee they charge anytime a stock reverse splits. Neither Vanguard, Robinhood, Fiditly nor Apex(Webull, public, Sofi, etc) charge any fees for Mandatory Reorganizations.

  2. Submit complaints. Possible violations include but aren't limited to ads that target persons under 21 or ads that don't clearly provide the number for the problem gambling helpline.

  3. 6 month T bill pay %4.79 APR and if you buy them thru a broker you can sell them at any time. When t bill is sold it settles in one day and the market value tends to approximate what you would have earned in interest on the tbill.

  4. A police officer spots Vladimir Tenev speeding down an interstate highway at over 90 MPH and drives toward him in hot pursuit.

  5. He knows there's danger everywhere; behind, Infront - he knows he needs to head for the hood.

  6. While in the hood Vladimir comes across a panhandler; but instead of offering them cash he shows them how to sign up for an account to get a free stock.

  7. I could have only come from the secondary market since the shortest duration t bills take 4 weeks to mature.

  8. On the screen that prompts for cash back amount there is an option labeled "other" that allows you to type on the keypad the amount you need.

  9. The 52 week low on FTDs is 23 Billion dollars meaning there have been constant fails to deliver for the past 52 weeks.

  10. If you borrow your shares will you be able to sell then at any time?

  11. You can still sell your shares but you can't vote and any dividends are received as payment in lieu.

  12. https://www.wired.com/story/janet-jackson-rhythm-nation-crash-hard-drives/

  13. He threw it the window. The second story window.

  14. When asked about stocks it states that it doesn't have real time data and it's last cut-off date is 2021.

  15. In order to avoid overtime departments need to close prior to the end of the shift to clean equipment. But the management is just going to make you clock out and clean anyway and that is against the law (FLSA).

  16. You can purchase a 4week t-bill thru TreasuyDirect for as little as 100$ and set it to reinvest the maturing proceeds up to 25 times. Each t-bill is purchased for a few cents less than face value. So every 4 weeks it will direct deposit a few cents back into your account. When you want your 100$ back just reset the number of reinvestment to zero and you will get the 100$ back in four weeks.

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