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  1. bawle address to de. aaj hi ata hu main

  2. But the thing is, the three on the left admired and respected one on the right. It was Bose who called Gandhi Father of The Nation.

  3. Lack of knowledge is very dangerous. Nazis and Russians were enemies, Stalin was the one who defeated Hitler! Choose one, you can’t be both 😂

  4. Science and kuran are also from two different world but still osama followed together

  5. Jai shree Ram ❤️ And country like India doesn't deserve democracy Jai stalin 🥵🛐

  6. ISIS ki toh maine original video dekhi hai yazidi kurd shia aurto ko maar k bhi pelte the vo 💀 tabhi peshmerga ne bhi ek technique kheli, ISIS vale maante hai ki agar koi aurt se vo shahadat lenge matlab maare jayenge toh usnko jannat nasib nahi hogi, fir peshmerga ne kai kurd yazidi aurto ko fauji banaya orr ISIS valo ko mosul me goli pe goli se ludkwaya fir jihadio me khauf ho gaya ki agar aurto se mare jayenge toh hur nahi milegi! Fir jakar ISIS control me aya irak me! Orr kai aise proof k sath incident hai jahan ISIS ne humanity ka opposite kiya hai yazidi kurdo k sath

  7. Yazidi - similar to hindu civilization (once they were also too prosper and kind people but these madherchod katwe destroyed them .. go and search about yazidi massacre 2014 you would cry, abd if you not the atleast you would be a little sad to hear their(katwas) barbaric act

  8. Collage ki degree lene me 8 lakhs lagenge aur agniveer me jane se 11 lakhs milenge 🤡

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