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So buff, wow

  1. 150hp shot of nitrous bro! Just kidding. Get a good set of coilovers.

  2. Good looking car, just an FYI if you polish your headlights with meguires ultimate compound they will look brand new

  3. The meguires compound work so well. If they are really foggy you can use the medium cut compound first, then the ultimate.

  4. It all depends on where those leaks are coming from. Get it inspected by a mechanic if you aren't able to do it yourself.

  5. I started drifting this year and had the same problem. Here are a few things that helped me overcome the issue.

  6. Put 2 cones out and practice doing consistent donuts around them. Once you can do that, practice drifting a figure 8 around the cones. They don't have to be very far apart, keep things slower and get a feel for the car. Don't try it around a pole or anything hard, you will inevitably bump into the cones.

  7. Donuts around both cones or in between them ?

  8. Also inflate your rear tires to around 45psi, and for sure weld the diff.

  9. They couldn't compete with Seicomarts fried chicken so they have just given up.

  10. How dare they!! But seriously anyone that loves sports cars respects a Z.

  11. ive found a couple manual coupes with minimal work needed.

  12. That's what I drift. Part are fairly cheap and abundant. You can start drifting with a welded diff and a couple sets of tires.

  13. The tire hustle is the real thing that’s adds up. I drive an event every other month and between then I’m always looking for deals

  14. Damn $37000 in 06. 16 years later and we beat the piss out of them at the drift track.

  15. Bring back the old Devonian gardens, turtles and all, minus any leaking.

  16. Wow that's cool you replaced the whole quarter, most people wouldn't even bother.

  17. Bats = Bugs. Bats: the the big bug scourge of the skies

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