What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. No matter what you think is better, you can't dispute the effectiveness of a good night's sleep and a great breakfast in the morning.

  2. With all the current hype and zealous marketing, Ukrainian cuisine has been pretty underwhelming and bland. It's like versions of eastern European food but dulled out in some way.

  3. There's a whole world out there that you haven't discovered yet.. It's shockingly insane out there..

  4. Is not a junk food. Unless you're buying cheap candy made from sugar infused compound chocolate.

  5. There's a vast difference between processed 70 and natural 70. Think Nutella or Hersheys. The processing in hersheys by adding white sugar, vegetable fats and milk solids to increase volume and sweetness, while maintaining the smooth texture is what makes it bad. This is done because most of the natural cocoa butter is extracted to make white chocolate and other cocoa related products. That's then termed as candy rather than chocolate. I still remember a time when Nutella didn't have a layer of oil floating on the top of the jar was old. It had cracks instead because it was only saturated with natural oils and not oversaturated with vegetable fats.

  6. All football players(including American and Australian football) need to be 4 units above the legal alcohol level.

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