1. Anything with Pinene will help with that nausea!

  2. 2” 1/4? Pretty sure I have those same tunnels!

  3. Aw man if I saw you creepn like that Id be gettn my lil 📦outta there 😂

  4. It has a bunch of reviews in the Michigan Marijuana subreddit. No one really liked it so far.

  5. Is this a behind the scenes shot of the alien costumes in Tom Cruises War of the Worlds? lol Does anyone else see the resemblance? 💀

  6. I'm 1000% sure when my husband and I have kids they won't have to wear anything non-handmade for a couple years at least

  7. I just never liked the idea of smoke touching the bloody open sores especially if the water wasn’t changed every single smoke. I just used moistened(with distilled water) gauze and placed them in before each sesh and never sucked too strongly when inhaling

  8. I know it’s only 3 years but… like yuckkkkkkkk The dude also gives me loser predator vibes

  9. How are they going to learn if they don’t ask questions? 🧐

  10. it's just his name slapped on shit Columbia Care already grew

  11. So glad I saw this before I bought some! 😭🙏🏻

  12. Rhythm disposables are harsh af. $40 for 3GS is a rip off.

  13. Put my fav bottle of ranch in the pantry instead of the fridge.. 😅

  14. Your "favorite" bottle of ranch? I know it was probably just a favorite brand or something but I'm sitting here stoned thinking about you favoring one bottle of ranch over another lol

  15. No man you had it right the first time. I refill that shit 💀

  16. I really like Old Pal. It’s ground flower as apposed to bottom of the barrel shake. I had the lemon dosidos 14.15 at 17%. It was super fine no huge leafs or stems at all. I normally go for higher potencies but the Old Pal is a nice grab.

  17. Looks like Ohio Med program stuff. I really liked that key lime bar. Koala bars also has a Banana Pudding one that is awesome!

  18. Love me a Dunkin Iced Latte with a nice fatty ✌🏻

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