1. I'm confused, why not name and shame? Especially if you don't even work there anymore? Why do we need to be so hush hush about it?

  2. They said south west ohio so its 1 of 3 lol

  3. “Glitch in the system” aka someone on their end entered the price in wrong. Why do you guys have hard-ons for these dispensaries that are screwing us on prices? If anything, 14.5 should be that cheap. Can get it even cheaper in mich

  4. Be more mad at the cultivators who essentially set the prices for the dispensaries bc a business still has to make a profit to run and i promise the root of the issue is the cultivators

  5. I wont complain when i was able to buy that rosin for 44$ out the door thats cheap lol

  6. Yeah but as I’ve learned you get what you pay for. It’s not good IMO.

  7. I disagree personally! I think its better quality then the cresco concentrates i pay more for

  8. It probably full. All our dispensaries are short handed. Sunnyside shortened hours and just shut down last week. 7 mile short handed with very long waits. If you go to CC Often then you probably know how that can get crazy. My guess is they are short handed or are having a good sale. The time slots are frustrating because you never get in and out in your time slot and they seem to be very limited

  9. They had time slots open this morning im assuming they just waited to open online ordering

  10. Dayton has times available starting for 2pm. Dunno which one you’re looking for

  11. I got there at 12:45 got a email saying they cancelled my order and the hole crew just having a a party in the back. I had to go to about wellness Ohio. Was packed today because of that.

  12. They were not having a party thats for sure they have been running 4-5 people on a crew when usually they have 12-13, there have been positive cases and exposure and its a medical facility they have to be careful and today after the general manager tested positive they chose to close till Tuesday

  13. Ummm does the pharmacy at Kroger close during regular business hours?? We all have a life we all sever something or someone. If they don’t wanna do the job shit give it to me. Just saying people also need there medication for there problems.

  14. Also yea my mom went to a Walgreens she goes to normally and it said closed short term due to staff shortages so like yea this is happening all over.

  15. A majority of that blame should go to the dispensaries you are frequenting. They need a check in system so you can at least sit your vehicle. I can’t imagine that this would be a huge cost to not treat your customers like complete shit.

  16. And that is why patients should be emailing cooperate at these dispensaries to help find a solution but the main issue is the state keeps handing out cards but cant approve more dispos to Open fast enouhh

  17. Not so easy to just find a new dispensary when the options are limited supply is limited hours are limited. The answer isnt find a new dispensary its hold our state accountable, complain to the board, write senators etc not just give up

  18. The blueberry shake was like this recently

  19. Said dispensary in comments and didnt keep receipt, wow your a troll go and make a post about someone else’s post cause you don’t like the answers you get bro go medicate. Sad boy

  20. Also your dumb for not keeping your receipt as we can claim everything we purchase as a medical expense on out taxes….

  21. Its sunnyside now owned by a whole new company. Personally i think its alot better

  22. Can you do me a favor and ask your husband if someone from his store can respond to my emails? I tried to get that same deal and was told it was a glitch and drove back home empty handed. Now to hear two people got honored the deal I didn't is crazy.

  23. What deal? And ill see if they answer emails there or if thats cooperate they are stil finishing up a transition so he might not even know yet

  24. I thought it was pretty good and im not a frequent flower smoker. The smell is phenomenal lol

  25. I think they should be required to include lab results at the very least. I get including results from all cannabinoids on the label may take up to much space. But if we could access the results we could get a better idea. But by that point your kind stuck with what you buy lol so I understand that completely

  26. If regular medicine otc or from the pharm labels can have that weird piece you pull back to read more so can our medicine !!!

  27. So for me my biggest complaint is that i like to know if what i have has cbn or cbg in it bc cbg helps me alot but only a few companies label those things.

  28. This doesn’t make sense at all to me ive been turned away on a normal operating day when they couldnt pull up my days how all of the sudden can they bend the rules !?

  29. the board of pharmacy is the one that are allowing the 4 day dispensation..... as an emergency. its not the dispensary that is making that decision

  30. Yes i know that im saying how can the board of pharmacy bend the rules to cover their ass on a wide scale but not on a small, but i found out that as an individual if theres ever a problem with your account and they cant count days you can ask them to contact the board for an emergency four days

  31. You literally will not die of a diabetic coma if you do not receive your marijuana. Grow the fuck up.

  32. That’s literally not the point, it straight up doesnt matter if someone will die without it, the issue here is the access to the medication we need but ya know what how bout everyone be thankful for what we have bc my uncles best friend just died in cuba bc they didnt even have access to Tylenol or anything to reduce his fever and he died of pneumonia, that could have 100% been treated here in America. I get that you think ppl shouldnt be complaining about not having access to marijuana but it is medication for some ppl not everyone uses it to get fucking blazed. I know if i needed salve for my arthritis in hands and couldnt get it i would be upset and stressed and worried bc my hands are my job and they lock up on me daily and my salve saves my hands !

  33. This is absolutely incredible. Imagine being turned away from a pharmacy when you need insulin.

  34. The pharmacies around me in cincy didnt have my nephews epi pen in for WEEKS! He has severe allergies to MANY things and it was a scary 3 weeks for sure. It doesnt just happen to us mmj patients, our medical systems is fucked all around unfortunately 😭 just hope everyone remembers its not the dispensary workers fault be nice to them today !!!

  35. I placed at 3am got a 12-1230 time slot and got two texts so far, im hopeful. I tried to place last night at 730 and it said no times available. So i guess it wasnt open yet

  36. At verdant cincy i know things will be changing bc they are turning into sunnyside but the way they have been doing things is the person who runs the website is not onsite but they do take items off the menu when the store has less than 10 in stock

  37. Rebranding huh? I live 5 min from there but haven’t been there in a while..Thanks for your response!

  38. Not just re branding its a whole new company. There is still a verdant in Columbus. Sunnyside (cresco) essentially bought out verdants spot being one of however many dispos in ohio since they wont pass whatever so more can open

  39. People need to collectively stop buying these over priced dabs they are raping us

  40. I wanna say it will stay with the current website! When i was there last week, my curbside patient care rep, Lee, said to stop or end my text updates from the current sender... he said that they'd be putting out info and new number for the sales and text updates on sales!

  41. Sunnyside has their own website for all the other locations so im pretty sure they will be using a new website the transition goes on till may

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