1. One of the best examples of excellent third-party support for Mac. I’ve been using this app since 2007.

  2. Thanks... because their new direction is fucking ridiculous if piracy and supporting the community is the goal. Now they're charging for ARLS, per month. Not just donation but essentially making it almost required because the "free ARLs" are largely useless with no explicit mode on, like the one on the site as I write this.

  3. explicit mode expires after the ARL has been used too much... if you dont want to pay join slav art

  4. This user (OP) repeatedly private messaged me telling me/coaxing and begging me to kill myself in various ways because I asked him if he drank water that day. Very sickening this individual lurks and posts in communities like these and will likely be in contact with other unwell people.

  5. Does cactus mean crazy or erratic in Aus?

  6. I am having similar/worse issues also with Lyr+!

  7. dude I sent my Yggy in for upgrading in the beginning of Nov, it took 3 trips to cali before I had a fully functional Yggy. I just finally got everything right and returned to me, THIS WEEK. there is a light at the end of the tunnel just be polite, persistent, and document to them as much as you can.

  8. yggy is an awesome piece of audio hardware... glad to hear yours is working 😄

  9. yikes... first off you shouldnt have to pay postage, ill dm you some more info

  10. is this the moment of getting the USB? -

  11. Todd Pearson sells them on his site

  12. I got a Lyr+ and also have an issue with the volume knob. Need to send it back soon

  13. yeah - i really think we both just got very unlucky, someone last month posted an issue with their freya noval:

  14. I'm not here to argue with you. I've spent a lot of time in a lot of different places. Fuck, some restaurants even keep some of their walk ins outside lmao, they'll open them up to put away an order and leave it unattended. It's about opportunity. I'm not here to condone these actions. Just figured I'd post an actual ILPT to the sub. Instead of the same requests coming in every day.

  15. Also so that people have a harder time ripping unreleased tracks. I always laugh when Ben UFO talks over IDs on his radio show and says stuff like "don't even think about ripping this one"

  16. bruh this track literally been remade by Batman and is perfect

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