1. If this experiment is so simple it can be done on a piece of paper then what are the steps to do it for real I don't mind giving it a bash you know.

  2. It's pretty simple, if you want to start from scratch all you need is:

  3. I know, this is not yet real with our technology. But why do so many scientist still believe that traveling faster than the speed of light is impossible even though we have no idea what space and what gravity really is? I dont think we know enough to exclude traveling through space with wormholes or something else we even dont know exists. We have sooo many unknown unknowns. I hate it if scientists say "nah, thats impossible, if we cant do it no advanced species will ever do it"

  4. The speed of light is essentially a mathematically calculated cosmic speed limit, the fastest anything can go without huge swaths of our mathematical understanding of the universe being wrong, including quite a lot that we're pretty damn certain is correct.

  5. I'll bet my yacht and villa in Tuscany that as soon as this comes out environmentalists will hate it.

  6. Why? Fusion reactors produce no long-lived nuclear waste, emit zero greenhouse gasses, and produce helium which is inert and could presumably be harvested for the various very critical uses of helium in modern technology.

  7. Same view here. We're trying to create conditions akin to the sun, inside a building here on Earth, without it literally melting down the second we turn it on. That requires advances in a dozens of fields, from metallurgy to mathematics, and if one field falls behind it can delay other parts of the project.

  8. When they actually came out and said the unspoken, surprised it wasn’t more mask off moment for people

  9. I think it was. It certainly marked the turning point in my opinion of the DNC. Unfortunately, until our voting system is reformed to enable a viable third party, there's not much I can do but continue voting for Democrats.

  10. It’s ridiculous. We are talking about an addition 7 days of sick leave. This seems so freaking easy to me.

  11. Zero sympathy for anyone who voted for Biden. You were warned. You deserve what you get.

  12. Oh yeah, because a GOP president definitely would have supported the unions. We've been trying to tell you people from the start that we don't like Biden. We didn't want Biden, he is not a leftist, he is not a progressive, and we do not like him. But what are we gonna do? Vote for the far right candidate because the democrat nominee isn't left enough for us?

  13. Of course it is. Liberty to discriminate on the basis of religious belief is not.

  14. This is pointless. The Supreme Court was never going to realistically strike it down- and even then, this still doesn’t prevent them from doing so (which they won’t and they never were going to in the first place).

  15. Roe V. Wade overturned, "if it's so important they should have codified it"

  16. Ugh, I love the coloration of September but the hint of visible depth near the center in November is fascinating. And the way you can you can see so many stars between us and Andromeda in the one you took in August. All of these are seriously fantastic.

  17. There really must be a lot of dumbass people in Georgia if they voted for this guy and are willing to do it twice, after all of the shit that has come out against him.

  18. I live here. These people only see what fox news air and Facebook friends share. They have zero concept to Google things and verify, instead they decide to believe or not believe something they hear or read based on compatibility with what they already believe. Whatever requires the least change in their world view, or at least changes in the direction they're used to changing, will be what they choose to believe.

  19. Read the article. OP has neglected to mention a few key details. Like 49% of union workers approving the deal, and the deal being beneficial.

  20. What we found out in the midterms is that Republicans have to win by 15-20 points in order to "win".

  21. "Giving America's families confidence in our commitment to protecting their financial futures"

  22. To add to this, Donetsk Oblast is high on the Russian priority list so they throw manpower at it to no avail (reports of 100s of Russian KIA on various failed assaults).

  23. Don't forget about all these soldiers in the trenches with drones and time to kill

  24. This report is very reminiscent of the old cbs Vietnam coverage back when u.s reporting was way better then it is now especially at the front like this.

  25. U.S. News today be like "Biden slammed by critics, Ukrainian soldiers used U.S. tax dollars to raise kittens"

  26. Solving climate change? Because it's still more profitable to perpetuate climate change than it is to avoid it, and nothing will change until that does.

  27. After reading this article I found this case to be fascinating and it hits a lot of issues that Reddit likes to discuss.

  28. Really makes it feel like blocking the daughter from being there for his final moments is just one last way to dehumanize him because he killed a cop.

  29. "He just doesn't remember" - an amateur teacher, wondering why her kid isn't learning.

  30. Yet you can buy Delta 8 from about 15 different venders on Broadway in Nashville

  31. This doesn't necessarily stop vicious enforcement of delta 9 possession, busting kids for weed is the highlight of some of these cops' careers.

  32. Homeless shouldn’t be allowed to vote either. The dream is a return to a time when only white men who owned property could vote.

  33. I would have tried getting my $600 through small claims court. But I'm a nerd.

  34. Right now the DNC parades around with the supposed moral high ground because their policies seem more empathetic on a surface level.

  35. This guy gets it. I think one of the major misconceptions that most conservatives have about leftists is that we have loyalty to the Democratic party. Any non-politician leftist who actually cares about politics enough to know the names of elected Democrats has absolutely zero loyalty to the DNC. We vote based on our interests, not by picking a team, and we absolutely hate that the DNC is the best option we have. They don't represent our interests, but they at least pretend to and don't outright represent the antithesis to our interests. Political loyalty isn't a concept that we have, we just want shit to get fucking better, but at every turn the GOP keeps trying to make things worse for us.

  36. I strongly agree with everything you said, and especially this part

  37. He ran to his mommy? Someone call a whambulance!

  38. There's 0% chance he didn't call her to talk about how upset he is about the twitter jokes. Probably cried.

  39. Someone’s going to give Elon a wedgie tomorrow for sure.

  40. I think it is nice to point out because the Democrats always do when they win the popular vote but don't get a majority. They are going to be really quiet about this one.

  41. There's a big difference between advocating for national popular vote elections for the presidency and national popular vote elections of house representation. The house is specifically meant to consist of many people who each represent a small district, while the presidentsl represents the entire nation. I've never heard anyone advocate for national popular vote for the house before.

  42. You have never heard of people complaining about gerrymandering before?

  43. Thats not even remotely what we were talking about. While gerrymandering can contribute to a discrepancy between national popular vote and seats gained/lossed, its an entirely separate issue in its own right.

  44. Didn't Elon just send a company wide email saying twitter might go under? lol

  45. This happens all the time. The envelope doesn’t get sealed, I just received one yesterday that it was half sealed but still had what I ordered. I’ve received them not sealed at all with and without the item. Luckily, Amazon has great customer service when it comes to replacements/refunds.

  46. My theory is that Amazon has done the math and the cost of being liberal with refunds and replacements is far better than the cost of losing customer confidence. Imagine if it there was a 20% chance you didn't get what you bought and knew you just be fucked? Their customer base would erode.

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