1. Honestly nothing. His nonsensical statements are insignificant and he seems to be trying to outsmart the Courier and take out his own angst and regret on him. Schizo, narcissistic, delusional, and ignorant. Though, that’s my opinion.

  2. Why are there so many circumcised people in the US? I thought they were mainly christians.

  3. It has nothing to do with religion most times. It’s for cleanliness and general developmental health.

  4. Boone has absolutely no room for another significant other in his life or heart 😢

  5. Fallout 4 is mediocre compared to New Vegas! New Vegas is easily the most engaging and immersive Bethesda fallout game. Though, I might be bias since I love the OG fallouts that take place on the west coast

  6. Holy hell I have two NV collectors editions, one was a gift and the other costed me like 80$ back in 2017 from a comic shop I used to frequent and, That's insane price ups for those

  7. Imagine if we had swarms the size of what there is in Days Gone.

  8. That’s why I love using the zombie apocalypse feral ghoul mod on the occasions that I happen to play Fallout 4. 10/10 would recommend

  9. I'm playing FNV for the first time right now. I killed Ceasar at the first opportunity. Just because it's an apocalyptic wasteland now doesn't mean it always will be. The NCR aren't perfect, but they're far and away the best chance at a civilized society for the future. For my first play through of any game like this, I always just choose what options I would pick in real life.

  10. A compelling and detailed game with a massive amount of lore that causes a lot of us to have questions. You don’t have to be passionate about the game, but some of us are.

  11. I feel like “beauty” mods in Skyrim are atrocious. They look like aliens or anime girls.

  12. That's because the target audience for many of these are just horny men

  13. This is amazing! I had my own «Vaultcave» before we got kid nr.2. Not nearly as awesome as this tho! Love the book props

  14. Awesome man! Thank you!! How come you took it down my dude? Was it so your kid could have the room?

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