hot take but i think it’s genius

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  1. So 37% of people on this sub would murder 80 million people if given the chance? I knew redditors were degenerates but goddamn.

  2. Yeah, I think all r/ okbc members aren’t allowed 1 mile near a school

  3. It depends on what the mental disorder is

  4. At least i admit that i'm a walt apologist. Hank glorifists won't admit what they are.

  5. So you’re saying the mildly racist cop is worse than a meth cook/mass murderer?

  6. Doesn’t the person on the front just shit into the others?

  7. But the people in the back have to eat and and the middle does both

  8. It says it was automatically deleted by the spam filter. The mods can approve it again.

  9. The spam filter works in mysterious ways. We shouldn’t question it.

  10. I swear, a few months ago, people were saying Filoni was the reason Star Wars is still alive and now everyone seems to hate him. What changed?

  11. Tuco says Gonzo is his brother in law. So either Tuco has a sister who married Gonzo or Tuco married Gonzo’s sister

  12. I think its cool that despite being awful people, the Salamancas seem to genuinely value family above all else.

  13. I wish we could have seen all the Salamancas together for once

  14. Is this some kind of 4d chess next level heisenbergian chicanery where we just pretend to be a normal sub?

  15. Bro what HAPPENED? I leave for a few days and this sub has lost its fucking mind

  16. If anything it’s the opposite. We’ve contained all the chicanery in

  17. What is this chicanery doing here? This is the serious subreddit

  18. Obviously they’re from Asia, but they’re not a part of the “asian” ethnicity

  19. Really? A repost and a shitpost on the serious sub?

  20. I swear this is a repost... Maybe it's because of the white border that the bot doesn't match it

  21. Mussolini was killed, so I’m pretty sure hitler would have received the same fate

  22. Wait, a minecraft YouTuber who’s in a relationship with a legal adult? That doesn’t seem right

  23. We’re turning it around. No more chicanery!

  24. Honestly, he’s my favourite character. All of his scenes are super entertaining, he’s charming and charismatic and yet he’s also the most terrifying villain the bb/bcs universe has seen. Tony Dalton portrayed him perfectly.

  25. Well boys it’s canon now. Serious discussion only

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