1. Literally half of a POTV One capsule powered me around the house for four hours this morning. I hit it for a little bit, decided to attack a project that was sitting around for a couple of weeks, looked up …. and two hours passed and I’d rearranged the entertainment center. Finished off that half cap to clean the kitchen up and make mac & cheese from scratch.

  2. Damn, what strain are you smoking? 92 cookies sits me on the couch and makes me ponder my existence.

  3. That looks great! I got to get me some of that!

  4. It's nice to be able to see actual trichome heads! This looks good!

  5. Oh ya it’s real nice! Full flavor and effects. In tact. Cheers bro 💨

  6. Has anyone else had klutch’s lemon cherry gelato that cares to chime in? I’m curious how they stack up next to each other with this strain.

  7. That is almost an absurd cure, I wonder what they were thinking or what happened

  8. That’s what I was thinking. That’s longer than I’ve seen. I feel like they have a bunch sitting then they wait for some to sell then they package and call it a cure. Explain how it wasn’t super moist yet had 2 55% packs in it.

  9. Hmm, that’s a good point about them sitting on product because I’ve noticed their strains never sell out or even seem to move at my local dispos.

  10. Mine leaked out the bottom and wasted the whole gram… I won’t give certified another chance on vapes, way too many issues.

  11. You should combine the two in the grinder, they compliment each other extremely well.

  12. Nice haul, where’d ya get it? I’m wondering the best place to buy galenas if anyone has any suggestions!

  13. This is a great bud for winding down and relaxing after a hard days work. I’m glad they are taking this strain into their main lineup, not just a sneak peek anymore. Can’t wait for them to dial this baby in and put them in the glass jars to keep it fresh.

  14. Yes I was as well at the begging hey does the 92 cookies hit hard? I like really strong effects. I was thinking of picking up some I got Garlic Breath which is good

  15. The 92 cookies hits super hard for me as a sativa hybrid, very fast onset with a heady high and it lasts a good while with the medical effects. I like to mix it with other strains in my grinder to enhance them.

  16. Never let me down yet. Sitting on Dual OG, EPBC, Lembas and The Soap. Out of 15 strains right now, those 4 plus mandarin cookies from Ascension are the best flower I’ve had in 6 months easy. If not more, and I get 2-2.5 ounces every month from a variety of cultivators. Savoring all of them like a fine wine. They only get better each week with a boost pack in my airtight jars.

  17. I’m going to check these out, thanks for the list of strains!

  18. One i haven’t tried but want to, as I’m a pod guy and haven’t seen it yet.

  19. That’s what a half oz costs at my local (Sunnyside)

  20. I’ve got some $200 ounces from sunnyside on discount days. They aren’t great but also not the worst in pricing.

  21. Buying farkas for me is like playing Russian roulette. It could either be gas or uncured grass clippings.

  22. I agree! Def their best strain and I hope they keep it around permanently! Enjoy!

  23. Where and when can I get the gmo x blueberry? I’m in southern ohio and can’t find it

  24. If it’s a full gram I’ll use about 1/20th or .05grams. If it’s a .84 or whatever I’ll use about 1/16th. Easier to measure when it’s in a metered syringe. Otherwise I’d just say the standard rule for rso is start with a glob the size of a grain of rice. Then dose up or down accordingly next time.

  25. Does it have that Death Star stink? Real southeast ohio D star smells sooo pungent

  26. Can you please describe the smell of the real deal Death Star? I think I had it when I was in high school years ago and I’ve yet to find something that dank. It was earthy, coffee and burned rubber smell to the most extreme degree.

  27. I was just be being sarcastic, well, kinda! I’ve had some phenomenal LOOKING flower that had basically no effect whatsoever then I’ve had flower that looked meh at best that would put an elephant down lol!

  28. I’ve got flower with absolutely MASSIVE terp and thc numbers, so excited, only for it to be flavorless and dry that has no effect. You can’t trust the numbers here in the program either man. I’ve had flower with almost identical terp profiles taste completely different and gave opposite effects. I don’t even look at the numbers at this point.

  29. It blows my mind that people go through all the trouble to think about it and post this but don’t show the bud…. Hello?

  30. Did you get 11 tenths for $350? Also can you post pics of the bud because I’m interested in them after trying the jungle fire select. It was surprisingly good and looked great.

  31. Hay and grass is usually from an improper dry and cure the chlorophyll doesn’t break down giving it that grass like smell that ll make it harsh and can give you a headache

  32. Yes it has a very funky smell that’s hard to put into words. If you’ve ever smoked mendo breath it has some hints of mint and what I like to call “purp” flavor. It’s like sweet, sour, and zesty. That mixing with the funk of gmo lineage gives this flower a truly interesting and nuanced flavor and nose. I love the effects And I’ll give the taste an 8/10

  33. Farkas farms is firerock is woodward essentially...I thought

  34. No farkas farms is a separate company. Firerock farms and Woodward are the same company. Woodward has the better flower by far imo if you were wondering. Farkas cures are all over the place it’s like rolling the dice when I buy it.

  35. Does anyone know how I can find these strains in southern ohio? I tried Weedmaps but I didn’t find anything, Weedmaps hasn’t been accurate for me in the past. Thanks for posting this OP

  36. I sincerely appreciate the info! Will keep this one in mind. I used to love strong GMO taste/smell but got burnt out on it lol but I might be able to do this with what you say.

  37. It’s enough of a change up from gmo to keep both of them in my rotation, cheers bud!

  38. Does it differ significantly for you in smell/taste/effects from Garlic Cookies/GMO? If so on effects, would you say it is pretty sedating/couch locking?

  39. Yes there is a slight earthy garlic taste but it’s more dark fruit, mint, and gas added from that mendo breath so it’s a lighter flavor profile than gmo. The effects are mostly making my mind shut off and wander. Couch lock is strong and it’s less stimulating than gmo, more indica feels. Both very solid strains, some of my favorite.

  40. My Josh d og tastes exactly like what a wet basement floor smells like. Something really seems off with the last couple purchases I’ve made from klutch

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