Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Knives can be thrown. If I had the choice between shooting stumpy and getting a big ass knife thrown at me, I would shoot.

  2. Oh fuck right off with that bullshit. What a bunch of fucking babies. Tough badass Americans afraid of guy with no fucking legs that is running away... Fucking bootlickers.

  3. This person is free to find another venue to host their lecture that aligns with their views and values. Freedom of expression doesn't mean the campus has to host anyone who wants to speak. Seems pretty simple to me.

  4. So, just to clarify… this speaker presented a moderate view (that residential schools did both good and bad)? And because this is contrary to the universities extremist view (residential schools were pure evil - worse than hitler)… they won’t let her speak? I don’t know about this speaker, but that’s what this article suggests.

  5. Clickbait and most of you just eat it up and feed the bad journalism you claim to hate...

  6. So, they plucked some rando social media post to use that hyperbolic 'quote' in the headline. This is just gross fear mongering hack journalism at its worst.

  7. I think a bigger question is where do all these MPS and politicans get medical treatment.

  8. Do you have anything to suggest otherwise? I've never heard of politicians getting special treatment. But you know this happens?

  9. Pilsner beer originated from Pilsen, Czech Republic. The unique combination of water hardness and yeast in the area resulted in this now ubiquitous lager.

  10. Where the original Budwieser comes from, in fact. Budějovický Budvar.

  11. No it didn't, shut the fuck up. A few bank accounts got frozen for organizing an illegal occupation and blockades of public streets and borders. No one had their accounts frozen for protesting. This is dumb misinformation.

  12. Skippy has spent his entire working career in politics, and what can he honestly claim to have done to help this country himself? He still doesn't have any ideas or solutions, and I'm sick of his pandering and thinly veiled rhetoric aimed at regressives and extremists over the years. Our country will truly be broken if he ever gets elected somehow.

  13. I've been enjoying using this elimination contest to dig deeper into some of KGLW's less-played albums. I've listened to PMDB three times in the last week and I just don't think its up to par with the last five or six albums that have been eliminated. I like Trapdoor and NGRI, but overall the album feels relatively simple and shallow to me. Maybe I should give it another re-listen keeping in mind what people like about it.. which is?

  14. I'm with you. It's not a bad album at all, but there's just not a lot greatness either. A few good tunes, but that's about all.

  15. Fuck this guy. Free speech works both ways. Public forum means people are free to protest, like it or not. Ignoring hatred won't make it go away, it is ok to not tolerate intolerance.

  16. Color me fascinated. Using light to pull things is an interesting development.

  17. I'm atheist and loath organized religion. But book burnings and trying incite violence like this is the lowest form of discourse and deserves to be shut down. And I'm glad to see random people confronting him. I won't condone throwing punches, but the asshole is testing the fuck around/find out theory and got what he wanted. Sure, some might say that he wants the reaction to play off of, and you're not wrong, but ignoring these people won't make them go away either. Better to let them know they are not supported.

  18. Study is looking at long-term effects here. Of course, you'll notice short terms affects from the smoke, but this suggests you're not doing noticeable long-term damage to your lungs. Which supports a great deal of anecdotal evidence from the cannabis community. I'm not surprised by this.

  19. I'm not sure if I agree with the cannabis community that smoking weed doesnt cause cancer. All smoking causes cancer. Vaping causes cancers. Cigarettes cause cancer. Its carbonization. Smoke with caution. Weed isnt as great as its made out to be. Its still a drug. It's inhibitory. Smoking causes cancer

  20. I mean, I will gladly look at anything that shows smoking cannabis increases cancer risk, but that data doesn't exist, and every study I've seen that tries to look at that fails to show any notable increase. I'm a long-time smoker, and I'm fully aware smoking probably isn't great. It also isn't as bad as some would assume based on all available evidence.

  21. Now that we know the shots aren't amazing, they make things a bit better, sure, but they're not the miracle cure we were promised (were these overstatements of effectiveness not misinformation themselves? or is it only misinformation when the government disagrees with it?), how many lives would have been saved if the government didn't suppress and refuse to promote these obvious preventative measures:

  22. lol, what a ridiculous statement. In what way was the government "suppressing" information about healthy living?

  23. Man it's weird how different Gizz fans' opinions are here. Kinda neat. Never imagined Dream Ballon making it this far, yet a bunch of peeps saying it's in their top 5? I guess it goes to show how the band captures a very diverse range of tastes. I love it, but you are all voting wrong, haha, jk.

  24. I dont know which side of this is best: either it is really cool an awesome to be close to such a production, or your area was so much a depressing dump or desolate wasteland that they thought shooting there would be a bonus

  25. A strong democratic government with checks and balances against power and authoritarian overreach is the best defense against such things.

  26. Yes, but our government will one day lose its checks and balances.

  27. Only if we allow regressive anti democratic groups to get a foothold in this country...

  28. As a Liberal, I don’t consider the NDP or their voters to be stupid.

  29. I love how conservatives constantly tell NDP supporters how we should feel about our party and how dumb we are for supporting actions and policy that actually advance our objectives and encourage the positive changes we are looking for, lol...

  30. Omg, thank you! I am so sick and tired of conservatives projecting their divisiveness on everyone around them. Of course Liberals/Leftists and even centrists do it also at times as well, but my god, the right wing has it down to an artform.

  31. Congratulations on perpetuating the narrative and spreading the division...

  32. Greta Thunberg is 20 now.

  33. Who the fuck cares how old she is now? She's a young woman being sexualized in order to discount and dismiss her viewpoints. That's the only thing worth discussing. No one has been treating her like a child for years now. These remarks to me come off as trying to excuse certain types of comments because she passed some arbitrary social or legal goalpost... just pointing that out.

  34. It's projection/admission of what they would like to if they ever had the power and authority they like to pretend their political opponents have...

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