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  1. When the end of the event came, the tasks which gave you 8 OXP each disappeared. This means you'll have to complete those tasks before the end of the event is near. It happened to me at level 59. Luckily, the daily tasks granting 2 OXP each made me finish that Ops E.

  2. I heard somewhere when you get a limp amputated accidentally the arteries constrict and it forms a thick-ass clot of blood preventing you from bleeding to death because dying from pain is more preferred by your body

  3. Lmao...if you don't think OP is a homophobe you're crazy.

  4. Can't be sure if he's a homophobe or not cuz by the anger this posts radiates clearly shows how much rage OP was in and how much hackers and tankers he's been crushed by while typing that whole “monkey sweaty balls ass pound behavior” of a post lmao

  5. clearly 4x cinder heimdall with durability extender, gravity amplifier northlight and most probably antimatter reactors

  6. I've the Yang Lee LP for harpy so I don't need to care about shields. However, too much power cell consumption would be an issue for 4x Decay Behemoth to ignore shields and without shield breaker I'll be mostly delivering damage to nowhere.

  7. Doremon ka "sab se phele hai pyar". Now go on call me a kid

  8. I have feelings for her, and I have had them for a while but I gave up on it but then now I feel like something’s there

  9. dude do not give up if you have feelings for her, ask her and get that feeling out of your head

  10. I get what u mean but it won't work for me.. my lvl10 one gets chewed in a sec so

  11. Just discus for now will upgrade to nebula as soon as I have chips.

  12. Good presentation, yeah typhon is 'tanky' but taking other tanks into consideration, it is more of a fighter and damage dealer not 'tanky'. It needs necessary conditions to be alive, if you miss the Blackout 2.0 shot or the enemy has an anti-control or just a random shield pops up, you're fried.

  13. Mujhe bhej de bhai gta ki. Aaj tak nahi kheli coz computer bekaar tha. Jab accha aaya to hype khatam thi. Aur fir free hui thi jab tab mera laptop nhai tha mere paas

  14. yeah I do, and I'll consider myself too immature to decide whether I should decline God's existence or not. I'll go with the flow for now.

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