1. I have no idea who they are, so i can’t say anything on this yet

  2. Im not sure, but i have a feeling that we might.

  3. “you and yoo-hoo have always been there for me from the start, so don’t come to shibuya crossing tomorrow. I don’t want you guys getting hurt”

  4. Does Hikaru also count as a femboy too?

  5. Hoy i don’t know i think about a year or so.. although maybe its been 2 years?

  6. i’m grateful that the Algorithm didn’t get what i wanted because god knows how i could’ve been addicted to it if it did

  7. It’s not about liking it. It’s about recognizing that you are passively killing your self.

  8. idk why your being downvoted, i mean your not wrong that doing those things can kill you. (although i will agree that OP's stance does come off a bit insensitive)

  9. Oh yeah I agree. It’s ok people on Reddit spent half their tike glorifying weed and living in the delusion that inhaling smoke isn’t bad for you. But I mean hey free country you do you. Just don’t go around spreading lies about it.

  10. the only problem i genuienly have with people who vape is that they don't do it in a private place and then it affects everyone around them (because doing it in front of others can release the toxic chemicals that even those who don't vape will inhale unintentionally)

  11. What do you wish you could tell your crush right now if you could?

  12. Want to go on a date to get to know each other?

  13. Well, here’s a surprise for you — men have that expectation of women now, too. I wouldn’t date a woman who was broke or not living on their own. Nothing to do with patriarchy at all.

  14. I think both genders having their own realistic expectations is fine. there’s nothing wrong with that imo

  15. Yeah we want a good, equal, independent partner that we're attracted to...

  16. hell, even as a guy myself i know that what i want in a relationship is someone who i could consider an “equal” (and when i say equal, i mean by personality, similar goals, a drive to become successful, similar values, etc) and i’m not looking to settle for someone who’s not willing to strive towards improving themselves as it can definitely lead to an unbalanced/unhealthy relationship down the line and im not trying to be rude or anything but the reason i like this idea is because it can more so be beneficial for the relationship if both of you are on the same (or similar) level when it comes to what you want to do in life and if both of your personality/interests match.

  17. I would totally be Pisaca if yk what i mean 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  18. What do you find attractive about your crush the most?

  19. I kinda sense that same energy from my crush as well, it’s interesting let me tell you that lol

  20. Sadly it's based on my reality. It's been better lately but still get that occasional trade box when I load in sometimes

  21. trading's not that common as you think it is. the last time i saw someone trying to trade in public matches was months ago.

  22. I was just contemplating last night to take a break from this app because of all the negativity that has been affecting me lately.

  23. That’s just social media nowadays unfortunately

  24. mf if you took the red pill then you turn into a demon

  25. INFO: is this "twink" of yours a detective

  26. It was this sub that made me fucking choke my water in laughter when i got to the part where Dojima was calling Adachi's name out loud expecting to hear a vine boom everytime he yelled his name at the hospital

  27. Legit, if you think about it, for all her horrible shit, she's your only friend in the Vortex world you knew, if you count Hijiri. Everyone else wants to use you for their own goals, but the way she words it, it's like she wants someone to reunite with, and considers you on her standing now.

  28. i’ve heard a theory that the Vortex World apparently drives people to Insanity and i thought it’s pretty cool and it’d make sense as well given how it makes no sense how Isamu (who’s a friend of yours) and Hijiri (who wanted to work with you in the beginning to figure out what was going on) went on later to use you because the world/power they got drove them to insanity and if we’re to go how Chiaki is throughout the game it makes it look like as if she’s the least affected by it if she still considers you as a friend.

  29. Please leave this man as soon as you can.

  30. bro i wonder how the Fiends are gonna look like in this game considering that skulls are banned 💀

  31. Wait til you find out what Persona both Junpei and Jun have

  32. Defeat god with the Power or friendship or Kill your friends and have one of them be reborn while you kill god

  33. /uj SMT V isn't that bad when it comes to gameplay, the open world feature to it is honestly one of my favorite things about it (and the writing with demon negotiations too is top notch) but what i dislike is how it tried to become Nocturne and it pretty much made the story kind of lacking imo and unlike previous megaten entries this one has the least memorable alignment reps imo

  34. as a guy myself i don't really find myself being comfortable with saying any of that. idk it just feels degrading to say that about someone else.

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