1. I don’t know, the public support isn’t even there after all the upheaval of the last 7 years. Polls have narrowed significantly, removing about half the lead of the Unionist side over the last decade, but the lead of the Unionist side is still quite large - albeit volatile.

  2. The DUP has shut down Stormont yet again (2002-07, 2017-2020 and May 2022-). The latest reason because they refuse to work under, a Sinn Fein First Minister. Whilst Stormont is shut down, civil servants can only carry out admin tasks, implementing previously agreed policies. They can't implement anything new, such as say Corona emergency actions. With the England and Wales policies, not applying to NI. So nothing ever gets done. Particularly if the DUP aren't committed to democracy and letting the choice of the people, run the province, with their assistance. Whilst Storming is suspended the only way to get anything done. Is by implementing direct rule from London. Which means a Conservative Minister who knows nothing aboit NI running the place. One of them didn't realise that Unionists wouldn't vote for Nationalists and vice versa.

  3. JI totally agree that destroying the Russian military in Ukraine is amazing value and doesn't risk NATO lives. As long as the war remains conventional and doesn't end up like Vietnam or WW2. Where Lend-Lease and advisors weren't enough to finish the job. But the qualitive superiority of Western hardware is so great. That there seems to be little threat of that happening. Unless evicting the Russians from say Crimea, turns out to be a lot harder than expected and there's the political determination to do that. The Russians seem to be running out of every weapon imaginable. Whether it's tanks, AKs and even Moisin-Nagants. With some troops even being issued with spades as their primary weapon. Until they can grab a rifle from a fallen soldier.

  4. Say for instance your car comes with heated seats. Rather than just paying for the option when you buy the car. Companies like Mercedes, want to install it into every car and then charge you $8 per month to activate it. Once your subscription runs out, the heated seat stops working. Unless you renew it. IIRC Toyota has the ability from the key fob to remotely start the car. So that the heating and AC are ready for you by the time you get to the car. It's "free" for the first three years with certain packages. After that it's a recurring fee.

  5. Yes, they are in this photo. The F-16 was chosen because it was closest in performance to the MiG-29. The F-16N was basically an F-16C but with added ALR-69 RWR, ALE-40 chaff dispenser, and an ACM instrumentation pod.

  6. An other plane that went too soon. Although apparently, Miramar really worked them hard.

  7. The F-14 was always a great dog fighter people think the only things it could do were fly fast and shoot far but it was still incredibly agile. That big tennis court-like fuselage gave it a lot of lift and the long wing when extended helped it as well.

  8. Plus the swing wing really helped with agility. But it would probably run out of fluids half way through the dog fight. If it wasn't leaking from at least three places, it was out of something.

  9. The government would be better off spending the money they’re wasting trying to work out where to put asylum seekers on processing claims quicker and deporting those that don’t meet the criteria.

  10. They're disused military bases. 20 years ago the British Army was about twice the size that it is now. So lots of bases have been closed at least temporarily. They are designed to keep people out rather than in but usually theres at least two layers of wire fencing or a large wall and often a ditch going around the base.

  11. Why did Keanu slam the corn flakes into his mouth so aggressively??

  12. IIRC, he was on the clock as a waiter and not supposed to be eating. As he set up the tables for guests. So he's having a quick sneaky bite as they're too good to say no to.

  13. They don't work and add weight to the turret. Which slows the turret down as its rotating and causes it to break down.

  14. Fuck man, I can’t lose Lister, Batman and Mr Abadon in the same six months.

  15. I wasn't worried about George Clooney or Val Kilmer and I would definetly have heard about Christian Bale.

  16. Do you know the origin of the word "tankie"? and why using it as a one word slam dunk slur makes you seem a slightly out of touch with reality?

  17. Its the Western communists who refused to criticize the USSR. After their invasions of Hungary in 1956 and later of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Which were to impose Soviet rule on the people regardless of if they wanted it or not.

  18. Only upper house that's bigger than the lower house and the second biggest house in the world after China's. All of the appointed Lords should be full timers but very few actually are. Although they may turn up for two minutes, just to sign in and collect their daily pay and allowances.

  19. Our upper house is very different to most upper houses though.

  20. I sometimes think about how much the US military changed from 1941 to 1980. Nuclear powered super carriers, jet fighters, helicopters..... But somebody going from 1980 to 2023, an even bigger gap in time. Wouldn't notice the same big changes. Sure the computers, radars etc. are orders of magnitudes greater but they're not nearly so visible.

  21. The Wright Brothers first flight was in 1903, the moon landing was 66 years later in 1969 that was 54 years ago.

  22. Yes if it got left to SpaceX and didn't involve ULA (Boeing and Lockheed Martin). Working with other legacy contractors such as Rocketdyne. Who just want to keep building Space Shuttle parts.

  23. When you see Kermit. Do you think there's one of the World's greatest entertainers or do you think, lunch?

  24. This might be an early construction photo of the just completed Grand Central Madison station on the LIRR. The station is about 140 feet below the street

  25. I just did some quick Googleing, Britain retired theirs in early 2010s they may still be in storage, while Italy it's in the process of actively retiring them for F-35s

  26. There were two types of Tornado in UK service. The terrible air to air fighter the F3 and the extremely good fighter-bomber the GR4.

  27. Gr 4 is the equivalent of Italy and Germany IDS i suppose them?

  28. India hasn’t overtaken China in population yet…. Probably soon though

  29. Its either surpassed China or will do so next month, according to the UN.

  30. Iran signs a Chinese brokered peace deal with Saudi and them almost immediately starts attacking US troops. Could also be the Russians wanting them to attack as well. Possibly in exchange for nuclear fuel or SU-35s.

  31. Oh that’d be glorious. NATO patrols, which they’ve got on their entire border now anyway. Might as well get the rest covered! 🤣

  32. Theyve still got substantial borders without NATO. Although it's going to get less and less. Especially when we sort out the Turkish and Hungarian problem. It does look like Georgia could join the EU. Then joining NATO would be the next step. Russia has been threatening to turn Kazakhstan into the next Ukraine. So they could join as well.

  33. But including heads of state for republics and not monarchies makes no sense.

  34. Thanks for the list, I was trying to figure out who I had forgotten -- not shockingly it was Liz Truss.

  35. The reality is that the french have it so great because they're willing to fight the second it gets taken from them. Good for them protesting and trying to keep things how they should be.

  36. I'm just thinking that the UK retirement for men has always been 65 and is going up, up, up. I'll be lucky to retire at 69 and they're complaining aboit 64.

  37. Personal persecution, a country doesn't have to be generally unsafe for it to be unsafe for you.

  38. So a few people fleeing from Russia. As they've pissed off Putin. But we've closed the borders to Russians. As they're all fleeing the country, to avoid conscription.

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