1. Spiderman isn't against crime, he's against consequences. You don't see him beating the shit out of shoplifters or video game pirates, it's armed gunmen, robbers, murderers. It's the whole point of being a vigilante, he stands for morals, not blind justice.

  2. Wish this guy wasn't a Nazi, he could be kinda funny otherwise

  3. This was certainly a figure eight of left turns, but then he careens off the track into the stands with "I predict North Korea launches a nuke of South Korea because of slave children candy"

  4. This would be great for a Sci Fi horror game ngl

  5. I love that movie and despise it at the same time. Any time I ran in any situation they'd always shout "run Forrest run" and I'd immediately stop

  6. They're right, I'm the left. This is exactly what I want.

  7. Saying that they were able to out-fuck genocide into just a 1.3% increase ain't exactly a fair point

  8. This is either a dick or what DreamWorks thinks female chickens look like

  9. I wonder if these right wing antisemitic assholes know the orign story of superman? If they did I doubt they would be so inclined to use him as there avatar.

  10. He's an illegal immigrant from a planet destroyed by greed and environmental destruction with a bisexual son, and his motto is that he stands up for the oppressed. Hm.

  11. Because the Earth is big and Google can't be bothered to patch every little thing, especially in some of the more ridiculous areas like Antarctica.

  12. Because it's meant to symbolize how far they've come as a child, obscuring part of their face so they can show both at the same time

  13. This is cute, we need more wholesome grandma on this sub to break up the doom and gloom

  14. When you build a platform on treating women like prizes and foster a community of women-hating incels...

  15. This is gonna fuck some people up lol. Slay it king ๐Ÿ‘‘

  16. Btw this is neosVr not VRchat. Unfortunately VRChat baned the mod that allow you to use the haptic suit natively. There are some ways to do it for specific avatars but it is really limited. Neos VR have official native support for that haptic suit.

  17. Man I really wish Neos was more popular, it has so much potential to be so much more popular

  18. On principle I want to let the who process finish before having strong opinions here, but the texts and shit ain't helping.

  19. We've known this shit has been everywhere since Harvey Weinstein lol. They're all crooks covering up for other crooks.

  20. This is the majority of my conversations with my girlfriend. Sorry if your relationships are boring.

  21. C'mon, just because he has a shitty opinion doesn't mean you can mock him for his condition.

  22. Nobody's easier to offend than people like this.

  23. People like this are offended black people and the entire LGBTQ+ community even exists

  24. If they did the Daily Wire would rant on Twitter about refusing to do every single one of these things for the sake of preserving their American freedoms.

  25. I think we've found a perpetual idiot machine

  26. This is such a non-point. Oh, you read a cereal box as a kid, I watched Markiplier. What's the actual difference here?

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