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  1. The rent to property value ratio seems very low. In my area, Dallas/ Fort Worth, a $300,000 duplex rents for $3,200 per month total ($1,600) per side. I would encourage you to do some analysis to see if you can raise the rent.

  2. Chicago is great for this. Rent is middle of the road and don't need a car at all.

  3. If you can avoid the rampant crime and frigid weather of Chicago then yeah, it’s great to be out and about on foot/bike there 😂

  4. Who cares what her father wants. You’re marrying her, not him. Do what YOU want to do.

  5. Not a big deal if you are long on us. Not every day will be green. Even going into the future if we do see recessionary conditions it might drop more, just buy more at a discount.

  6. “If we start seeing recessionary conditions”

  7. Playlists, History, and videos returning you to the point where you stopped watching them are 3 features I think Rumble really needs.

  8. I appreciate this well thought out article. Thank you for sharing it!

  9. Tell them you are a doctor that helps sick companies get better. You understand the problems, and help organizations get healthier.

  10. This is exactly how I explained consulting to my 6 year old cousin 😂

  11. Apparently not for all of us, still seeing the CUSIP as of 9:30PM EST with no change in value since Friday, no cost basis, and not even any buttons to Buy/Sell/etc.

  12. Same for me on Vanguard at 8:50pm Central time. It still just says CFVI and there had not been an update in price since Friday. This is not good service.

  13. I’m not even coming close to thinking of selling. If anything I want to start making content on the app besides just using.

  14. I found value in this detailed review of the benefits of each specific service. Thank you for posting it 😎

  15. You haven’t “lost” anything unless you sell now. The “losses” are on paper only.

  16. This was an interesting read. The difference between Austin Texas and San Antonio Texas was large. They are only about 70 miles apart, but the income levels to be in the top 20% are pretty different.

  17. Drake with the investing advice 😅

  18. I think it just matters how/who you want your kids peers to be etc.

  19. Most of those things you complained about sound pretty good to me. To each his own I suppose 🤷🏾‍♂️😎

  20. Keyword “most”. Read critically… 😂

  21. Keep the tub. It makes the bathroom more versatile and since there’s only one bathroom versatility is your friend here.

  22. Assuming consistent 2.5% inflation over the life of your model (and over the life of your retirement) is not realistic. The US government reported inflation is already much higher than that now.

  23. I’d just like to point out that you’re living in a deficit spending situation right now. You don’t make enough to cover the basic needs of yourself and your family. You are only getting by because of outright government subsidies and tax refunds (which are also a government subsidy since you are likely paying little or no income taxes once it nets out).

  24. No mention of child support which I suspect she is getting.

  25. This!!!! (There are many single mothers out there saying “I support myself!” while failing to acknowledge that govt mandated support from others in the form of child support and tax subsidies are what’s filling the void for them.)

  26. If possible, I would straight up go into "grab a coffee mode", so that you don't run into the risk of losing her interest again while writing.

  27. This! Move to meeting in person ASAP. That’s always the goal. Text chatting is ONLY for getting you to an in person meeting

  28. Cut the text chatting and ask her out to coffee. Chatting via text is only intended to get you to an in person date.

  29. Run! This woman has no financial sense and no is a poor planner. She will drag you down with her.

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