1. Did you mean Rush To Purity?

  2. Banuc is a badass no weapon run with no NPC interaction, no healing, no statues, a bunch of character and skill restrictions, no spending and that's about it.

  3. In that case, wouldn’t engi 2nd make the challenge free? Since you didn’t mention him in the ban section.

  4. It's rbanwr ruling, so engi are ari are banned out of the gate.

  5. Don’t listen to this man, he wishes to scam you out of the money

  6. Why would he want to scam him? I'll tell you why, just give me your social security number to know more

  7. Just remove his damage reduction completely make it atleast take a half of a braincell to use this damn card it doesn't need a damage reduction when it already can reflect projectiles

  8. Exactly, a unique mechanic that forces you to play bait, that's perfect. An on demand fuck you tank that also acts as a wincon? That's dumb.

  9. I like that OP clearly just dislikes the episode because nemesis told him to but is desperately trying to run from it

  10. It was cool as fuck lmao, and is still one of the most viewed finales in the show's history. The track is raw, the fight is raw, and Darkseid headbutting a punch is up there as one of the greatest scenes in the entire series

  11. I mean most viewed could be anything, I would judge by the upvote ratio. After all everyone would view it it's Thanos vs Darkseid, it's about who likes it. The tracks ok, Rap is fine and the lyrics are nice, but it's really repetitive and the backing track doesn't feel impactful enough, the lyrics really carry it. The fight is 50% raw as fuck 50% basic as fuck. The headbutt, the heli toss and the gravity flip are all sick, the planet smashings cool and the black hole portal is awesome. The building run is weird, Thanos flying with all the planets looks weird and everything after the snap sucks. Thanos snapping 50 billion times kills all the tension. The portals looks ok, the end bit sucks with the avatar having no presence, the omega beam looks cool in how it cuts through thanoses but that's it. The death sucks ass and thats about it.

  12. Nah, alch 2 is a lot harder to use while giving less value at its worst and tying alch 1 at it's best.

  13. I'm surprised about robos 2nd, I actually despise that skill.

  14. Bruh, did you guys dont see the flair 💀

  15. Yeah well none of them are Black Adam or Apocalypse, so they can't punch the best

  16. True they also can't turn they're arms into drills and hurt people.

  17. They both suck, Ee is the worst characters in the game and Sf is pretty meh. I would unlock and max out every other f2p character before going for them, they're mostly collectables.

  18. Pretty much what Lusky said, but I'll throw on some alch tips here.

  19. Alchemist 1st and Assassin 3rd skills are some of the best options if you are not really good with Rogue 1st. The best and easiest strat in this RNG hellhole that requires almost 0 skill is to get as close as possible to boss with Alchemist 1st and straight up gas grenade them until they die. It's a really strong skill after it was buffed by Chillyroom, when you land you skill perfectly the boss will be in all 3 gas grenades at once ( if you have Alchemist maxed of course ). This skill is stupidly strong in rush to purity. After 3 seconds in all 3 gas grenade poison area will deal around 95 dps ( idk if the numbers are correct and if not then ask

  20. Yeah this is pretty much what I would say as well.

  21. Don’t have the time currently to type out a full review for Deku vs. Asta but for general thoughts:

  22. I too really like the Strongest Alice.

  23. demomancer is sick and her two skills are ftp if cost is a big factor for ya. Also her passive is probably just the top funnest passive imo. The first skill is a bit lame to most but the speed buff and damage bubble just make it so fun to play as a rush down melee beast. Then of course we have the stand power second skill which is probably top 3 funnest skills in the game. Gives you a guardian which can deal insane damage, then when you charge up the full special with the souls of your enemy you can do an insane kamikaze attack which deals hundreds of damage.

  24. Yeah really good, really fun and fairly ftp friendly. Plus she still doesn't have a 3rd skill, so that's something to look forward too

  25. I would say orbiting and iaido are equal, mostly because aris stats, and both are pretty meh.

  26. Out of the 3? Rogue with cartwheel.

  27. Paladin by a solid margin, rogues debatable but his skill floors too high.

  28. Bro clearly hasn't played the avengers lego videogame smh.

  29. Paladins the best, but he's pretty boring.

  30. Are you mad that they aren’t praising your hero Trump

  31. Snowflake, is that seriously the best you can come up?

  32. Doesn't take much effort to pick low hanging fruit.

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