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  1. This.. I'm now convinced they told him to say that at the very same moment forced buying began.. as to disguise it as retail following him phenomenon...

  2. This was beautiful, ive been starting at it for hours now

  3. Starfish... astronaut helmets.. ASS...

  4. Haha I just pulled up techno viking earlier too shoutout to the OG

  5. Is it a cohencidence that bobbys special meeting is for holders as of recorded date March 27th, 2023?????

  6. "But did turn a profit, sadly stocks up big"

  7. I don't know if it means anything, but I like it too!!


  9. mnpc says:

    The issue is this:

  10. So if a stock just happened to shoot up over a hundred percent after hours, we literally won't be able to sell for that price?

  11. Yeah let's completely ignore the fact towel is ripping right alongside gme 🤤

  12. He sold because his views about the company changed. He said this in his last interview and there is no reason not to take his word for it.

  13. The fact someone's entire post history can be spent bashing two stocks is mind blowing to me

  14. I'm sick of seeing failed executives make millions in risk free compensation while shareholders are left holding the bag

  15. he knows the apes post his tweets; very deliberate, as always with this crew.

  16. TwEeTs MeAn NoThInG, yOu gUyS aRe Q a NoN AgAiN

  17. Shilling of polygon was rampant on reddit in the middle of suppressing anything about LRC.. don't know how to feel about this announcement honestly

  18. The timing of his tweets with the release of 8-K filings alone makes it pretty much statistically impossible for it being a coincedence

  19. I forgot about that! Man it's so clear as day at this point

  20. He even said it Friday right before the news came out with BBBY

  21. I’m totally with you but was also thinking overnight this might be somebody setting the biggest trap ever. It’s really odd to me that a Board would only give 1 week lead time to vote on something this important. Maybe this is what they are really doing:

  22. All while in the middle of GME earnings week

  23. Exactly what they will tell the judge when they go "but look your honor! Gamestops partner tweeted bed and bath emojis!"

  24. I'd argue BBBY was the key to MOASS the whole time and also why "gme is the only play" this whole time. MOASS will unfold as the conglomerate that is GMERICA finally comes together.

  25. If there is a spinoff/sale of Baby it will likely happen before the split actually takes place. Vote - Spinoff/Sale/ - New CUSIP - Reverse Split - Dividend!

  26. This should be top post of this sub

  27. I'm not hating for sure, just more jaded, I guess. I've been holding gme since jan 2021 and have been through the hype tweets/dates tin foil dd for 2+ years and now here with bobby since August. I'm not saying any of this stuff isn't true, but it's just really getting old when the same people tweet something and everyone goes bananas again only for nothing to happen rinse and repeat.

  28. Imagine a corporate account "accidentally" following one of the most cryptic accounts out there

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