1. Be mindful if you are recording sets with a tripod and don’t block the walk ways.

  2. I’ll be honest most of the time we are just tired , dissatisfied with management, or halfway out the door and look for a new job.

  3. Hi from America. Only if you are active military you can write off your gym membership and supplements.

  4. Not planet fitness but we would only be open 24 during the week for two main reasons. 1) Nobody wants to work late shifts on the weekends. Most people that work at front desk are young college students or high school students. 2) saves on the budget. Overnight shifts get paid more and have no breaks so they technically get paid an hour overtime.

  5. Former employee here that had to deal with this. Mainly just talk to the dude or tell an employee. Also depends on the time of day. If it’s the morning rush or evening prime hours then they will do something about it. But if it’s empty gym we let it slide just cause it is an empty gym.

  6. Does this during prime rush hours even takes like 4 dumbbells from the weight racks with him and makes his own workout space claiming the machines basically

  7. Complain to a manager on site and get others involved. They would rather lose one gym member than to lose 4.

  8. Not planet fitness but for a gym that’s named after a candy bar. Don’t cancel cards. Because then it will be sent to collections. What you do is send an email to their general manager and assistant manager wanting to cancel. Have proof of the date when you sent it. Then go in person request to make an appoint with the manager about upgrading. That way you have a for sure manger to cancel with because only gm and agm can do that, and it’s company policy to refund any money that was charged after the initial email of the cancellation was sent.

  9. Worked at a gym. Here’s some tips on how to ensure to not get overcharged or avoid the scams. Keep in mind this for a gym that has the same name as a candy bar.

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