1. If the pipe diameter is not equal all the way or goes from large to small that will be your problem. Small to larger will be fine. I had the same problem when my Y-pipe was bigger then the stock midpipe and had some very bad rasp. Now my setup goes from 2.5" to 2.75" to 3" and it sounds like

  2. I know this was forever ago. But you said you could find g37 headlight covers? Where by chance did you see those? Mine are yellow and I’ve tried buffing them multiple times, but unfortunately they keep coming back. So I’d love to know if you still remember. Thanks!

  3. I would suggest a wider tire to protect the rims from curb scratching and it looks more aggressive.

  4. I had this code + P0021 when my gallery gaskets were blown and there was no oil pressure. I would do an oil pressure test just to be sure, should be above 14psi at idle.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! I was already thinking of no grill at all or a quick release latch of sort.

  6. No grill might look weird imo. I just made mine to be held with magnets. It won't go anywhere unless you pull it out with hands.

  7. I painted my calipers and rotors silver and they turned out pretty good. Message me if you want some pictures.

  8. Not sure but I think it's around 9 liters. Just watch the level on the dipstick.

  9. Seeing this makes me want to open mine and see if I can fix them. They are aftermarket to begin with and someone had already opened them because they are painted black with carbon fiber accents inside of them. I cannot find these headlights anywhere to replace them, most of the leds in the led halo around the head light have burnt out or are in the process and so theyre either flickering, not working or lit. But there are only one on either side that actually light and I can't stand the way it looks partially lit up. The headlight itself is fine but the halo looks like hell. Is it impossible to get a new cover peice? Mines scratched up and cracked in places I'd rather just beble to reseal it with a new cover.

  10. Unfortunately no, I've looked everywhere but there is no cover for this style headlight only for the G37 after 2009. You can try to find a cheap used one with good covers and swap them. Mines are also cracked and Imma make this an excuse to upgrade to the G37 headlights and bumper 😁

  11. It was done by a company here in Bulgaria. But I'm sure you can find red seatbelts on ebay and switch them yourself or pay someone to do it professionally.

  12. Thank you I’ll definitely look into that here I thought I was going to go buy a new one .-. !

  13. You will have to buy a new one if you want to look perfect again, otherwise it will have some marks where the bend is.

  14. Do you by any chance know the name or number for the part ?

  15. I had a rattle coming from the VTC on my HR motor because my gallery gaskets were blown and there was no oil pressure causing them to rattle around 2k RPM. I would check the oil pressure just to be sure it's not something like that, then look for other causes.

  16. My idle hot sits just over 15psi on my DE, at 2k rpm 57+/-psi

  17. I don't know the exact numbers for the DE but for HR/VHR the minimum idle is 14PSI (normal is 30) and minimum 43 at 2k rpm. I'm guessing it should be similar.

  18. You can add Android or Apple Play to the factory screen and use it like your phone. There are some kits for that but I would go to someone that does this professionally.

  19. I had this code + P0011 when my gallery gasket was blown and there wasn't any oil pressure. I would test the oil pressure just to be sure, should be around 30psi at idle and no less than 14.

  20. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20220625163354&SearchText=infiniti+g37+headlights+cover&spm=a2g0o.home.1000002.0

  21. I think so. Had somethin similar when I was with the stock exhaust. It also triggered an O2 sensor code.

  22. See if an exhaust shop can make you a custom pipe with resonators. If they charge you less than the Z1 or ISR I would go with that. It will sound the same or better depending on what pipe diameter you pick and how many resonators you have.

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