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  2. “Hiya, do you have any good managers available for Everton?”

  3. I wonder if it is going to be Dyche in for the rest of the season, followed by Bielsa though.

  4. I just don't see how dyche would respect such a disrespectful request.

  5. I was wondering if maybe they would just be upfront with a short-term offer either to him or BFS, though I'm personally hopeful for a proper Dyche appointment.

  6. Am i the only one who thinks we don't need a striker that much cuz we barely even create any chances .... We need a creative winger or creative midfielder imo

  7. We need someone to put the ball in the net first and foremost, so I would not be totally against this move.

  8. I think it's abit of a misconception that Dyche is defensive. He works with the tools available. If you're open against the best teams you get punished. His philosophy is to 'crunch the pitch', keep the space tight and force teams to play on one side of the pitch, stopping the opposition from quickly moving the ball from one side to the other, where technical players can get in behind you. If anything, his 'style' is more attacking than Lampard. What's the point of having loads of the ball (West Ham) and being completely impotent, passing around the middle of the park aimlessly. Dyche likes to play from back to front in quick transitions. Coady, Tark and Pickford all have the ability to play vertical direct passes. Win the second balls and attack the spaces.

  9. We're not in that position at the moment. Why take the risk? Brighton are on the up. Dyche is the best candidate for me. Especially after watching his masterclass. Simple, direct, vertical football. No passing around passively. Just get it forward, keep the space tight, crowd the box in defence.

  10. Dyche is the right man for the position we are in. Always liked the guy too. Straight talking, no nonsense, no pissing about - get it done!

  11. Hope he fucking smashes it, proves himself a world class manager, then comes back to us

  12. Yeah, I hope he does well - good luck to him. On a side note, if you were forming a footie club, and you wanted to cal it Forest Green ... Something, surely you'd pick Forest Green Rangers!

  13. I can see how doublethink can be implemented in a population like 1984.

  14. Which means interim manager incoming ... and the chippy across the road doesn't have any meat and potato pies for the second time in a week!

  15. In terms of believing hos own hype, he's far more Barkley/Roddwell/Jeffers than Bakley/Rodwell/Jeffers. He'd an amalgam of all the worst excesses of the modern footballer.

  16. Funnily enough, I was thinking of Franny Jeffers as being quite a good compairson. A very promising upcoming player with apparently loads of talent, sold for a fortune and then his career bombed.

  17. When £6-7m was a fortune. Fox in the box!!

  18. I feel like we're boned regardless, so may as well work them to death at Finch Farm

  19. Yeah, that's about right. Yerry said he'd die for this club. Who knows, he may yet get his chance.

  20. It’s a shame this didn’t happen right at the end of last season. We could have been forced to new ownership like Chelsea in time to have some investment in the squad. What’s likely to happen is that this meanders for a little while, we don’t buy anyone this window, we go down, sale is forced and we end up owned by a small butterfly sanctuary based in Guyana for a month before going in to liquidation.

  21. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much I fucking hate this parasite right now

  22. I don't know, I think you're failry articulate there. But you could always chuck the C-word in for good measure of course.

  23. This is a confusing one. He won't play much for spurs, richy isn't even playing that much FFS

  24. Mad, with Kane and Son, and the other feller too (Kulu...etc ...ski), then Richie. How much gams time does he think he's actually gonna get?

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