Future is here. AZ, USA

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WCGW trying to cause a riot

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  1. Turning the wheel while stopped in the turn lane would be a problem for me. If someone were to rear end you the vehicle would be pushed right into oncoming traffic.

  2. DJ Khaled. Waited 3 hours to see him at Coachella and all he did was play 10 seconds of his songs interrupted by him screaming DJ KHALED over and over again.

  3. Mine used to do this on hot days. I’m guessing there’s some metals that expand inside the tac?

  4. It’s times like these when you really need to know where your water and gas shutoff valves are

  5. Odometer doesn’t work? DO NOT BUY. I bet it has way more that 90k miles.

  6. Yup. Lower control arm. Sounds like your bushings are shot. You’ll most likely have to replace the entire lower control arm as the replacement part comes as one piece, bushings and all.

  7. Because they are LED's. If the headlight has a resistor for them, it might be bad. If not you can install resistors to fix the hyper flash.

  8. Literally all the DD we’ve read last year is happening right now. Holy fuck.

  9. If you drive down the 10 freeway towards Palm Springs you can see the ocean of windmills and solar panels next to the highway. I’m so glad my community is on the forefront of renewables!

  10. Holy shit this looks exactly like my 07 g that I sold a few years back. Same mods, similar mileage and everything…

  11. Sounds like it’s a cold start. When the engine is first turned on after sitting for a while, it will idle at a higher rpm than normal for a minute or two. Once it gets some heat, it’ll idle down to normal rpm’s.

  12. Looks like the ultimate fuck you and the wall you’re hiding behind rifle 🤣

  13. My roommates German Shepard does the same thing. I’m curious, do female dogs do this for breeding reasons?

  14. What did you use? Voltage, amps, wire speed, size of wire, help me understand.

  15. I didn’t weld this. Had a sub contractor install this today. Just trying to make sure this will be safe before proceeding.

  16. This is for a ceiling mounted fireplace that’ll be holding ~1000 lbs of weight. How are the quality of the welds and how can they be done better?

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