here's a CEO recommending to DRS, loud and clear, still thinking he's a shill?

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Has anyone actually looked into Roger James Hamilton? - The guy "leading the WAR" on Naked shorts with "Wes Christian" - (Cough Cough... Pyramid Scheme Grifter)

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RC takes stake in Alibaba! per WSJ

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  1. This guys wiki page reads like an MLM “entrepreneur”, writing self help books on how to be rich. Looks like a snake oil salesman, sounds like a snake oil salesmen, my guess is he has a different agenda then GameStop

  2. This guy is either jumping on the bandwagon to pump his stock or is genuinely bought and paid for by hedgefunds to divert our attention. The fact that they diluted stock right before the pump tells me all I need to know. That and his whole business model is a pyramid scheme.

  3. MODS - This is definitely one of Kennys minions. The dude pumps GNS and BBBY also known as distraction stocks and is now pumping JWN.

  4. Bro, stfu I'm 95% GME. I haven't "pumped" GNS or BBBY i got into those stocks and joined reddit communities to stay informed because that's how I roll. Look at comment history I've been here since feb 2021 and I am no shill I can provide any proof to mods.

  5. The GNS CEO is literally a scammer that has been sued multiple times and operates a pyramid scheme. Theres nothing good that will come of this GNS debacle except a bunch of retail bagholders. GNS will be a distant memory in a few months. Dr Trimbath has no love for Wes Christian and calls him a fake protagonist.

  6. The estimates have always been dog shit. They expected an increase in revenue for last quarter when every other company was pointing downwards. Of course they raise expectations. No price appreciation though.

  7. hypothetical. amazon buys gme for $40 a share. amazon would pay $40 a share to the DTCC to distribute for every legal share in the float. they would then ofc need to credit every share real and synthetic which ofc we know is impossible. So thats when companies like shitadel etc go ask the treasury for money to cover the FTD's (Dr Suzanne went over that stuff) and it has happened before in the past. obvs not to the scale gme is at but several hundred m has been paid out by the treasury to balance books

  8. Any shorts would have to deliver 40$ per share to any synthetics. I dont think that would be a problem for the shorts. They wont like it but it is what it is. We obviously dont want 40$ a share either and theres no way Gamestop would entertain that bid price. It would likely send gamestop a lot higher than 40$ causing all sorts of problems for the shorts. If Kenny bid for the company then he would be fucked because now we know he needs a way out for sure.

  9. Yes which means the treasury would need to deliver on X of $40 a share. The fairly accurate speculation is that float is oversold 8-10x so that’s 80-100b from treasury. Again I’m just using 40 as a number it could be 400, 4000 etc.

  10. Theres no evidence that the float is oversold 8-10x. We would have DRSd the float easily if that was the case. The hedgefunds can obviously hold the position open when they have 80b notional according to your calculation. What issue would they have in paying 80b?

  11. I have November 19th 21 with 2.14 times the 10 day average volume and 8.89% up. Also January 7th 22 with 5.6 times the 10 day average volume and 7.32% up.

  12. Thank you, I had 44 total green Fridays with 26 of them being less than 50 cent moves (and I did that quickly due to being asked in the comments)

  13. Its definitely interesting. I believe the Jan 7th move delayed obligations till March 18th. I think if this week fails, we will see a similar run up in March.

  14. Has anyone looked into the 7.5m$ share offering this guy did on Jan 9th when the price was 40 cents. That would increase the float by 3x and then the stock starts to run.

  15. Its all a simulation. Its like pairing video and sound. They forgot to pair the trades with the current bid/ask.

  16. This is a long term play. Most apes don't have the luxury of waiting another 2+ years to see there investment grow. Not to mention living paycheck to paycheck, inflation rampant, this recession we are in, groceries are starting to get more expensive. Either They are fucked or peasant that invested in gme are fucked (including me).😁

  17. Dont invest money you need to live. Food and shelter first.

  18. Yes, it seems to be nearly universally accepted in SuperStonk as fact that DOOMPS can be used as locates (they can NOT).

  19. There is speculation that hedgefunds have been using short puts as long positions to net their exposure for regulatory reporting purposes. Essentially claiming that they are hedged when they are not. We know a tonne of institutions have been fined for reporting short positions as longs.

  20. Ive done regulatory reporting. PF form, NFA filing. Its just some no name employee filling out the data that can easily be changed.

  21. Doesn't the reward instantly speak to what to do or not?

  22. If someone takes all the liquidity out of the pool. These perecentages show up. Its just math. LPs made 1$ and theres only 13 cents left. 1/0.13 * 365 as example to get the percentage.

  23. There's nothing in the pool so the rate is jacked up to entice LP.

  24. I dont think theres any enticing going on. These percentage are purely math based on the activity.

  25. You say there are price spikes, and that you have pointed out price spikes but i don't think we agree on what qualifies as a spike. Also the quantity of ftd's don't seem to have an effect on the price.

  26. I wouldnt support trading based off them, especially option trades if thats where you are going with this. FTDs obligations can be delayed indefinitely through market makers. I might make investment decisions based on FTD cycles(buying dips).

  27. All im Saying is that you've implied the price of gme has spiked 8 times correlating to FTD 's. I don't believe this is true so your post is misleading.

  28. This isnt FUD but this is old news. We know he has stakes in Netflix as well. Why are they posting this article now? They want you to use your fire power on BABA instead.

  29. Its the article where hes standing in the woods with the purple tie.

  30. Stop putting towel stock on a pedestal. Kirkland & Ellis LLP was hired by towel stock on August 18th for debt restructuring. They also helped popcorn stock acquire carmike back in 2016 straight after AA joined.

  31. And ofc you're getting downvoted by some BBBtards..

  32. I knew the consequences of my comment before I posted it. At least some will read it and possibly do their own research because of it.

  33. Even assuming that these cycles are not coincidental I don't see why retail couldn't be involved with them. Could be a bunch of whales organizing pump and dumps at regular intervals. Then you have settled fulfilling prophecies: if many in retail believe in these cycles then the cycles will become real.

  34. Theres no company that has earnings or news cycles every 4-5 months. Does retail FOMO into the stock when they pump. Yes of course they do, and we know they will be left holding the bag. We had Jan 21, June 21, Nov 21, Mar 22, Aug 22 and now.

  35. If not retail then who, why and how? I don't understand what makes you rule this out.

  36. Is there a way we can use this to predict price movements? Predict dips to get more for my money's worth?

  37. Yea obviously NFA, but we would know large XRT fails ahead of time. So 35 calendar days from the fails plus 6 trading days. Then factoring in the jan, mar, may, aug and nov cycle. If it happens before a run up. If the pattern continues mid march and early may were the best times. I will look to see if fails fall around those dates, plus maybe RC and the board will buy in.

  38. Ill check out the other ETFs tomorrow. It might be an idea to weight the number of fails based on gme's weighting in the ETF. Then we'll know how many shares they can get from each ETF. It might not necessarily improve the data but Ill see.

  39. All they can mention is the shift to digital game downloads. Until they can 3D print consoles. I think Gamestop will do just fine.

  40. Iceberg orders are pretty common. I doubt RC was hinting at iceberg orders.

  41. Can you rephrase that so I can understand, please?

  42. If gamestop sold 600 million shares at 500$ a piece, the company would raise 300 billion in cash. Meaning their minimum share value value would be over 300$ a share. As 300 billion/900 million shares is over 300$, just as cash.

  43. Yea I would like his input. Not sure how to reach out. I actually posted a link to the plan v book conversation someone had with computershare, but it looks like it was deleted from youtube.

  44. Nice charts, thanks for sharing. Interesting that the three large increased CTB spikes in the past has typically coincided with an increase in share price, but so far this rising CTB cycle we're in has seen the price per share decline. Hmmmm....

  45. We have the Jan and March cycle coming up. Lets see what happens. Mid to late march has been good time to buy the last two years. Ryan Cohen actually bought in March 22nd 2022. I believe he knows and understands the cycle. March to August we run up, then August to March we run sideways and down.

  46. You don't need a calculator to find book value, you can easily just divide shareholder equity by number of shares. But, it doesn't really matter as book value is not a great way to calculate valuation unless the company is losing money. Liquidation value is better - but much harder to calculate. Both of those are not great, though, because they just tell you how much the company is worth in a literal sense - as in if they sold everything and paid off all their debts and split the remainder among shareholders. It does not take into account how well a company leverages it's assets.

  47. If you waited for a company to become profitable to invest to calculate that discounted cashflow so to speak, you will miss out on the majority of the returns. If you bought tesla the year they became profitable, you would be down 50% right now.

  48. A chart of FTDs has nothing to donwith swaps.

  49. Pure speculation but back in May 21, Citadel and Susquehanna reported a large position in popcorn stock, and it proceeded to run in June. When Popcorn was running, gamestop seemed to be supressed until popcorn was halted and gamestop proceeded to run. This brought about the conversation on whether popcorn was used as a hedge to gamestop. Either way I believe there is a link to when Citadel and Susquehanna increased their holdings in popcorn, and these FTDs in gamestop.

  50. Ok what's the difference between short volume and short interest?

  51. Short volume includes buy covering and sell shorts. Dave Lauer stated that all market maker volume is marked as short volume for ease. Theyre not the same thing but it does show that the volume is not natural buying and sell pressure linked to long positons. Shorts are essentially manipulating the stock.

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