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  1. Lol, Get Fucked! And learn to read! That is not what this bill says! This entire thread is a joke

  2. Single person here. I spend between R600-R800 per week. Mostly shop at my local Checkers.

  3. Pets came up at work one time and my buddy just casually dropped some shit that really shook my whole world view a bit. He said getting a dog is just going out and looking for a 10 year contract to get really really sad.

  4. Ahhh, but it is the time spent with them while they are here, and the memories after they are gone that enrich our hearts for a lifetime. Yes, it hurts like hell when they leave us, but I say the world is a better place with a fury companion, even with the heartache.

  5. With grace and a half dignity! She’s a kitten so she’s extremely playful and he’s very long in the tooth hahah. He’s very vocal but he puts up with her with good grace. He will fall asleep and she will fall asleep a few feet away on the bed and gradually flip and flop her way towards him until she’s snuggled into him. I think she’s wrapped her tiny paws around his heart! I don’t think they’d be without each other now.

  6. Thank you for sharing the images! What a handsome boy! Here is my monster, AKA:

  7. Moved to London in 2000 on a 2 year working holiday visa. Rented a room in a house share with 4 other people, who as it turned out, smoked a lot of weed. My first night in the house, a joint was rolled and passed around. 22 years later....

  8. Also to back this up, the swelling is to prevent further immediate injury. So basically if you’re running from a lion, twist your ankle, you want that ducked swelling fast so you can keep running

  9. Getting the directions and travel time to any location on earth on your phone.

  10. Watership Down. The bunny slaughter was very traumatic for 7 year old me. All those poor dead bunnies.

  11. Learn and grow. He'll do better next time. Life is forever the teacher.

  12. 10 years ago I stayed in a quiet complex in the East Rand. I was on the ground floor and there was a guy staying in the unit above me. Not South African, seems to be from one of the East Bloc countries by the sound of his accent. He pretty much stayed in his unit, hardly ever venturing outside. No social life at all from what I could tell, but there were often randoms that would arrive at his unit and leave again within minutes.

  13. Don't look at me like I'm fricking Frankenstein. Give your father a hug.

  14. I used to get bad bowel movements the next morning with sometimes hectic abdominal pain. Started taking Lion's Mane Mushroom extract each night before bed, and now it's totally cleared up. I feel like I have a new stomach. The health benefits of it are quite extensive.

  15. I find that probiotics can help with diarrhea and cramps. It seems to put the brakes on things in the gut, which eases the pain and the diarrhea.

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