A bakery in North Yorkshire is reverting to a practice from medieval times by offering to bake local people's cakes - because of very high energy prices in the UK. Ed Trewhitt says he wants to get the most out of the always-on heat and is also providing a public warming room above his bakery. (MiC)

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  1. Could be a food allergy. Try a different type of food that has no corn, rice, grains, peas, potatoes.

  2. I have taste of the wild. I'm gonna try blue wild since they really liked that.

  3. Even soy ones? I was planning on making some with my daughter, just soy and essential oils.

  4. I would choose bayberry or beeswax. Bonus points for bayberry you can go it yourself and get free wax since it can be very expensive. It is also the only wax you can grow, other than soy which needs to be industrially processed to turn into wax.

  5. I’m surrounded by bayberries where I live. Did the candles once. It took a ton of berries (they are smaller than BB’s), which was not a huge problem. It made the house smell great! But it required such a large amount of berries I mixed 1/2 and 1/2 paraffin with bayberry fragrance. For finishing touch, I mixed some berries and a few leaves (they also smell) into the mold. All in all a fun project. Just wanted people to know the amount of berries it takes is quite a bit.

  6. Picking bayberries by hand is tortuously tedious because they are so small compared to how much you need for a useful harvest. Invest in a berry picker. Best $15 you'll ever spend. Also, if you mix bayberry wax with beeswax it would still be an organic candle and much more affordable than pure beeswax.

  7. You have to pity for Camille, she knows he did those things but she stays with him

  8. Why tf would I feel sorry for someone staying with a pedophile and rapist? She can burn in hell too

  9. You need to go straight to HR with this kind of person

  10. Target and Kroger are cheapest in my area too. No Walmart or Aldi. I haven’t noticed Kroger prices going up past target yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.

  11. Aldi has become market value in my area and it's no longer competitive

  12. Get her to a really good Naturopath. I mean a really good one, not just any ole ND.

  13. She wants to help herself, but the help she is willing to accept is at a much lower level of care than she needs.

  14. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs

  15. One of our locals.. They do a range of bakery courses too (slightly costly but worth it), including one for kids which they run at a loss to get kids into baking. So good.

  16. Hmm, maybe the story about the girl who took even the light bulbs out of her bfs house when they broke up?

  17. Seriously? Bro you can have more than one pan it's totally okay. There's tons of different recipes that call for different sized pans you don't have to live like a medieval Smurf.

  18. I just don't want more than one. I move around like twice a week and I don't want to log a full set of pots and pans everywhere

  19. I would tell the adults in your family this is becoming unmanageable and suggest a secret Santa, white elephant gifts, handmade gifts, or anything else that won't cost more than most people's mortgage

  20. I'm 21 and just got insurance for the first time since graduating high school, scheduling my first dentists visit since that time for the next few weeks and I'm terrified of this end case. How long did you go without preventative care?

  21. Dude I was homeless for two years, smoked meth, never brushed my teeth and I only had 4 cavities when I went to the dentist when I got sober. I brush my teeth religiously now but you'll be fine.

  22. Get an after market bidet. You’ll save tremendously on TP. It’ll pay for itself in a few months 😎

  23. I'm gonna be brutally honest here. I'm Muslim and have been washing with water the eastern way my whole life. My "bidet" consists of my hand and a cup

  24. It’s probably the best frugal/ environmental way that gets you the cleanest.

  25. I agree! I love doing it but it is soooo embarrassing to say since I live in the US and most people think it's disgusting

  26. Replying to your new thread on a three year old post because I am still glued to my fucking phone

  27. It is conflicting but it makes sense. Every time I buy something so I can stop buying sometime else it works out. However, there's a few things you should do to make sure this is thoughtful consuming:

  28. Great taste, Paris by Harney & Sons is my absolute favorite loose leaf tea! I've seen a couple thermoses with the diffusers built right in but I feel a little skeptical of them. Maybe it's just me but seeing something like that makes it feel like a gimmick item.

  29. Thank you! I personally hated Paris but at least the box was gorgeous, lol. I still use it as a pencil/pen holder.

  30. I like to take advantage of this time to buy things that I genuinely need (I like to stock up on a years supply of things like soap/shampoo/etc. Every year, once a year). Or I buy things I've been eyeing for years and are now finally a bit more affordable.

  31. Every winter is mild here now. I moved to Ely because I missed the cold. Fight me.

  32. Is it Embarrass Minnesota that has the coldest record? Should have moved there!

  33. I fell in love with the town and it's still pretty darn cold!

  34. Where are you located? I get that this seems incorrect, and it may be. But what do the trust documents say about how this should be done, and how much do you want to spend on the lawyer?

  35. Minnesota. I would have to ask for the trust documents. She gave them to me before but they were completely illegible.

  36. I have a solution in the future for the buttons. When a new item of clothing comes with a button sew it on the inside bottom of the clothing. Somewhere where it isn't noticeable from the outside. Of course this doesn't always work for some large and decorative buttons. But it works lots of the time and is even a reminder the item has an additional button if one is lost.

  37. I just put it in my sewing box to add to my button stash. That way when I need to sew in a button it'll be there.

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