1. Yes, severe anxiety qualifies you for a service dog. But I will say most people with anxiety especially social anxiety report that having to handle and deal with the public response to the dog makes it worse. Before going further I’d see if you could maybe take someones dog out of a “test ride” to see how it feels. Ideally a service dog because the reaction in non pet friendly places is very different.

  2. Personally this would be unacceptable to me from a I don’t want to be financially dependent on someone controlling point of view but if you want a solution or compromise, maybe you work part time and that goes to the horse?

  3. “Medpunk/ medical punk: a political project/movement aiming to revolutionize the health system/medical institution by medically allowing individuals to acquire physical/mental disabilities, ''disorders'', ''diseases'' etc. Medpunk is closely linked to morphological freedom and cognitive liberty.”

  4. i thought she made an approved munchie dr’s list she posted publicly, no? guess it didn’t work out, hmm.

  5. That list got passed around tiktok to people who didn’t know Kaya, and last time I checked there were more reputable doctors on there then not. Which means it backfired for her cause they would question her case lol

  6. This was forever ago but I wanted to point out that our brains have a really hard time understanding if something is a memory, a dream or something we made up. I think he remembers it the way he tells it and believes that’s what happened to him. Whether it was what really happened or something his brain told him happened is up for debate but I don’t think he’s maliciously lying or anything.

  7. From John Hopkins “Septic arthritis is an infection in the joint (synovial) fluid and joint tissues. Different types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi can infect a joint.”

  8. Theres a point with hEDS where you just have to suck it up and get shit done and so many of these subjects just need someone to shake them and say grow up and go to work and get it together

  9. The more you do with things like hEDS and POTS the better it is anyway. It’s important to push yourself if you want to feel better

  10. Yeah, it’s like saying Autism/adhd. They can share very similar traits but they are different things and it makes no sense to just say it’s probably one of them

  11. I mean I totally get what you are staying and you’re right with the DID and OSDD but autism and adhd have a 30-70% comorbidity rate so actual people with them are likely to have both. I think maybe a more accurate comparison would be FASD and ASD.

  12. You’re still two years away from it! How can you tell me that on command switching isn’t a thing, then tell me that the terminology established literally by the people who research the disorder isn’t true? Real systems use the term “system”. Real specialists, use the term “system”. Your unprofessionalism is laughable, and while I understand you’re trained to see this in REAL LIFE, you won’t be able to tell an internet stranger’s actual status.

  13. Dude…. I’m done going in circles with you. I never said command switching wasn’t a thing, just like I never said I didn’t have DID (still waiting for the evidence of me saying that btw). You are purposely making things up so you can deflect and rant so you don’t have to provide evidence. You can claim whatever you want, call me unprofessional, debate my credentials, heck you could even call me a liar but it’s all deflecting from the fact that you can’t provide evidence for your claims. A podcast is not evidence, a unbiased peer reviewed study or article is. There is no dissertation need, just a link.

  14. oh my goodness gracious I’m sorry. I misread what you said because I’m spacing out and trying to do school between this. Give me a moment to finish what I’m doing and I’ll pull up some studies I referenced while trying figure out if I actually have this when I’m done

  15. Definitely not overthinking, you deserve better then this. I want to say that she can’t just rule out diagnoses by you talking, especially not somthing like adhd or autism. As someone with both each assessment took 6+ hours and involved through testing. In addition it’s not standard in psychology to rule out another professional diagnosis unless they suspect misdiagnosis in which they would re test for the previous one and it’s certainly not standard to rule that out at a first session. While I do think it’s okay to ask if you experience someone’s behavior to be narcissistic or if they have been diagnosed with NPD, that doesn’t mean they get to invalidate you. If they seriously thought they you were wrong that would be a conversation they could have way done the road. You deserve a therapist that validates you. I think often when looking at different therapists trying multiple can feel like we are doctor shopping but remember unless you are searching for a specific diagnosis that’s not the case. You don’t have to settle with someone you don’t like just because they a number ___ that you have seen. I wish you much luck and healing

  16. One thing you will notice is a lot of these people chose disorders where clinical diagnoses are common, that means that tests can be negative for it and the person can still have or that there aren’t tests for at all. These people aren’t dumb, they chose what they fake carefully. In addition with these types of disorders it is very hard to prove that someone doesn’t have it so they use this to create a fear of a malpractice lawsuit. I’m sure many doctors know that the subject is faking but would rather just do a surgery or what they want then get sued and lose their license.

  17. So people with hyper-mobile EDS, which Dani claims she has, can’t be numbed with lidocaine due to their unique stretchy skin. They numb you with that while they put the line in. If she truly had hEDS, she would be talking about going under general anesthesia and a having a “big surgery” to put a new line in. It’s obvious she is lying about that diagnosis.

  18. Obviously Dani is lying but the lidocaine thing exists on a spectrum. For some it just makes it a little less effective where for others it doesn’t work it all. If this were a case not like Dani’s (no signs of faking) lidocaine working (without any other concerns) would not rule out a hEDS diagnosis :)

  19. The book “Understanding the Borderline Mother” was a game changer for me. I chose the orated version on Audible and I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the depth of the content as fast if I’d read it and it’s extremely will orated.

  20. How focused is it on mothers? Like I said in my post, dad is the one with BPD so not interested in somthing I can’t really relate to

  21. It’s extremely focused on mothers but it goes through the 5 personality types well. It also goes through the way people with BPD choose mates. Personally, I think it’s a great book for understanding BPD and the dangers that can come from it, male or female. But prioritize recommendations based on your own research.

  22. Thank you! Is Hood Herbalism open to all POC or just certain groups? I’m Indigenous Latino but I would not want to appropriate or mess with things that are not mine to mess with.

  23. Any person of color! I think you’d be a good fit, the facilitators are indigenous Latinx

  24. But the person would be wrong to diagnose someone that young because more than likely it’s going to lead to a misdiagnosis

  25. Again, I’ve said I’m not saying it’s ethical but it is possible and it does happen unfortunately

  26. Ash is absolutely ridiculous and assuming that the green is her bpm that’s not a flair for a POTS patient. But I did want to point out since I see people that are misinformed in the comments, that normal blood pressure is not a disqualification for POTS. It’s actually mostly required. Don’t think Ash has POTS but just wanted to clarify for anyone confused

  27. Sets her Apple Watch to Alert her for anything over 100bpm (or maybe 120.) all of her weak supposed pots claims went out the window when she repeatedly dehydrated herself In that mold bag for 45 min at a time

  28. Working on your seat, pelvic exorcises, a proper fitting saddle can help. They also make padded underwear made specifically for riding for this. Just google it :)

  29. Funny thing is in actual cases of DID one of the most important things is to not encourage the patients to view parts as separate whole people but instead as parts to one whole identity. That’s why those who specialize in DID prefer the language of parts over alters. As it encourages patients to think of the alters less separately

  30. Most port patients I know (on things like fluids, not chemo) access their own ports, says something that her doctors don’t have her do that.

  31. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for all the TikTokers that spread awareness for chronic illnesses before urgent surgeries

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