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  1. At beginning of the season yeah, but I'd say they're pretty accurately rated rn

  2. Fever, Amphis, Torsos. They won the last 2 OCE Regionals this split, destroying KCP in both finals (4-1 and 4-0 in games)

  3. They're just trolling to troll, they pulled the same 'Who?!?!' shenanigans in the major scrim thread.

  4. I just realized Spain has scored more goals this World Cup than they did in 2010 when they won.

  5. Birds eye view of the ball is what matters, the ball never went out.

  6. Russia as a whole has to participate in Eu? That has to be an oversight, they need to divide Russia into Eu Russia and Apac Russia for Rlcs.

  7. Are Sam/Oce/Apac players not in Amsterdam yet? Would've been cool to see more region representation.

  8. In terms of execution 'G2 playing keep away' from Queso in the Winter Major finals is type of goal that you'll never see again, and it was during a finals match where the stakes are already high.

  9. Na's 2021-22 Fall Regional 3 has more than just the 21 game finals.

  10. The Jets special teams has gone 1 consecutive game without allowing a fourth-quarter touchdown

  11. 2/3 of my flairs are still their name and the 3rd wins the major.

  12. Buchholz is essentially taking into account where your opponents are ranked in the stage?

  13. Damn, V1 sweeping G2 after their last matchup was a sweep in G2's favor( on a day G2 looked bad too)

  14. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even think about their last matchup. I just think V1 unlocks a whole new gear on Lan, and this is the first time we'll be seeing this G2 roster on Lan after a shaky split, so Idk if I should still expect that dominance

  15. I think G2s looked better than people give them credit for, sure they failed to make top 8 at the fall cup, but they went 6-0 in the other 2 Swiss stages, losing to the regional champ in semis both times.

  16. Whenever I get reminded that Ssa have no major spots I get upset.

  17. OCE only region without a team to make all 3 grand finals, clearly the region with the most depth

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