1. I would be happy with a 4-4 draw at Anfield with Trossard scoring 4

  2. Mlm’s ie. Herbalife, essential oils, 4lifesresearch, lularoe

  3. I advocate 4x4s, SUVs and other large cars being subject to a separate class of licence and anyone who wants to drive one having to take a test in one. Numbers would reduce as a result.

  4. Efl cup is already a pointless trophy. The real cup in England is the FA cup and everyone knows it. EFL cup is pretty much for the 2nd squad to get some game time until finals.

  5. Gives the smaller clubs and clubs in EFL a chance to qualify for Europa which i feel is a good thing. Swansea made the group stages before by winning it in 2012

  6. Last summer I had to go to Skegness for work. I took the train as I thought the roads may be busy.

  7. Jesus, this makes Nottingham at the other end of the line sound like heaven

  8. The train from notts to skeg is a truly incredible bit of people watching and social investigation in peak season. Speaking as someone who lives on the line.

  9. Thermites, mollies, and semtexes also work

  10. Thanks. Does it also work if you have bought multiple seats on one membership ?

  11. I haven’t used red membership to buy tickets before. I have bought tickets with a platinum and that allows me to pick 2 or 3 seats at a time. I assumed it was the same for red?

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