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  1. Lord of the Rings. Anything by Phillip Pullman I can reread them and find something new each time.

  2. Get as many of us INTJ's to take the test at

  3. Ok. Looks like I’m a Left Libertarian myself. I’ve always leant to the left. The older I get the more lefty I become. With added rage

  4. Yes, there's definitely an all-or-nothing personality who really struggle with moderation.

  5. Yes, for me the carbs triggger a ravenous hunger so I avoid mostly.

  6. Same. If I eat breakfast I want to eat all day. If I abstain I only start getting hungry late afternoon. I eat a snack then but have a large meal at night. The only thing that keeps my weight on track.

  7. Go Keto and enjoy all the spicy wings.

  8. He’s right up to a point. Quick weight loss ? Bariatric surgery is the best option. Slow steady? Diet and exercise. It’s the easy way but comes with its own risks. Often those who have this surgery lose a ton of weight only to regain it. Overeating is a habit that doesn’t reverse with surgery. Learning new habits takes time. I found eating a high protein low carb diet really help to keep the weight off. I didn’t have 100lb to lose but the 50+lb I did lose I’ve kept off for over 3 years. No exercise.

  9. Coffee until midday then water.

  10. I’m 50 so have developed an eclectic taste. Basically everything from Acid Jazz to Metal to Classical. I like very little pop as it’s repetitive and samey. I also don’t enjoy a lot of country music. Will make an exception for Glen Campbell.

  11. Ok so I suggest you watch the documentary ’widow maker’ it’s on Amazon. That’ll give you the info you need.

  12. I would say that it would certainly do you no harm. Lots of people have reported reductions in symptoms associated with heart disease as a result of Keto diet. The aim is to try and reduce insulin resistance. So a combination of Keto and intermittent fasting may be a good choice for you. You’ll need to give it about 8 weeks before you see any benefits. But as I said. It’ll do you no harm. Worth a try.

  13. I’d say absolutely, yes. However. Wait until the third book is released. It’s been torture waiting for this to come out. Bonus is, when the release date is announced I’ll be re reading the first 2 again.

  14. Love it. I sing along and everything. It’s a proper ear worm of a tune.

  15. 100% yes for this one. When I listen to that I stop everything and just feel the music. Awesome.

  16. Yes indeed it is. Probably the best ever written

  17. I’m a mental health nurse of nearly 30 years. The innocence of never actually meeting someone with a severe and enduring mental illness is clear. Life will teach them. Probably the hard way.

  18. Biggest one for me is making lasting female friendships. My close friends have always been men and I really struggle to form female friendships

  19. Same here. Mainly because we’re never on the same wavelength

  20. I’m not sure I’d consider weirdly judging a stranger while knowing nothing about them to be an opinion lol

  21. Wow that got weird. Anyhow. To put more context I have avoided being around the general public when I can. Not because I’m a weirdo who is socially phobic but because I spend my days around vulnerable adults who are at increased risk of complications of Covid (I’m a nurse). So it’s become a habit to eat in my hotel room, not an aversion. Anyway not sure I learned a thing from this post except some folk are way too judgy and jump to some very odd conclusions about folk.

  22. Do you have a hotel you can cook in? Is there a microwave? A fridge? What are the tools you have?

  23. Hotels in Scotland don’t tend to have any cooking equipment. I do take a knife and chopping board with me so will sometime julienne some carrots and cucumber and have with hummus but that’s as fancy as it gets.

  24. A laptop bag with a bit on it that goes through the handle on a suitcase. That would make life easier. In grey I think.

  25. If this incident had happened in the uk there might have been some strong words. Maybe an apology and if not, a solicitors letter or even worse, a post on Facebook, maybe a fine and that would be it.

  26. After being strict Keto for 18 months I have gradually introduced a carby meal once a week. So I’ll have something like a pasta or rice dish. I still keep all processed food to a minimum. It’s had zero effect on my weight, measurements or well-being so will probably keep eating this way always.

  27. I’m on call tomorrow so a sneaky glass of bubbly tonight. My Keto snacky snack that I’m loving this week is, a slice of ham and a slice of Gouda rolled up. It’s quite lovely. For dinner tonight it’s chilli on a bed of cauli.

  28. I’ve recently started HRT and supplement with magnesium glycinate every day. I must say it’s been a big improvement on overall well-being. A great addition to a Keto diet.

  29. I’ve recently changed job so now working away 3-4 nights a week. I was concerned about keeping low carb / Keto on the road. I’ve found it much easier to eat just once a day. I pack nuts in case I’m snacky and overall I’ve found restaurant food to be Ok but nowhere near as nice as the food I have at home. So I keep it simple like bunless burger, chicken salad etc. If I do eat breakfast I have the works though. Sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. I’ve maintained my weight and best of all I’ve not been hungry. So win-win. 7 weeks in to working away but 18 months Keto so I think my training has taught me well.

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