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  1. They aren't trying to trick you, if some says: I identify as a man (or as a woman) that's simply what they are. As for Matt Walsh's documentary his interviews are heavily edited to make the people he talked to seem crazy or dillusional.

  2. i never implied a belief that they were trying to trick me because i possess no such belief. i also recognize that Matt Walsh is a scumbag. however, i want to have an understanding of what is meant by the phrase "i am a man" or "i am a woman"

  3. A woman is someone who honestly identifies as a woman. A man is someone who honestly identifies as a man. It is that simple.

  4. but what are they identifying as? what does "man" mean? a circular response does not explain anything imo

  5. That is a question that you must ask to yourself, and whatever meaning you find applies only to you imo.

  6. so then when a man or woman identifies with being a man or woman, what is it about that gender that they are identifying with over another?

  7. They are identifying as their subjective idea of being a man/woman, just as you are, i am, and everyone.

  8. i sure dont, for every good thing america has done (getting rid of slavery, giving everyone rights, etc., etc.,) we have somehow managed to take about three steps back and done a bunch of stupid shit

  9. bojack horseman imo, season 5 was a step down from season 4 but its not like it wasnt still really good yk

  10. I'm very sorry to say this but I still dont get it.

  11. lol the rule is i before e except after c, but if you use that rule with the word weird it would be spelled wierd which is incorrect

  12. cant believe that first one is using sparrowiz's name, i know the actual sparrowiz and he posts a lot of troll comments as well but is actually a nice guy and wouldnt say stuff like this

  13. I don’t know anything about him, but using someone’s name and doing bad things with it leaves an impact on the person, which is pretty bad.

  14. both biden and trump, and how great/evil they are. i do not give a damn about either strange old man, nor do i give a damn about your opinions on them. both suck, as do all politicians. please go away and let me play roblox and eat ramen in peace.

  15. thank you, comrade. you have freed me from my trance. i shall not fail the mission. this is the way.

  16. no but if im at a hotel with my parents and i need to rub one out i use my shower time to my advantage

  17. you arent selfish for being worried that your friend might follow their friend out. what i would do is ask your friend if they want to talk abt their friend and if he says yes then let him talk to you, and if no then give him space to grieve. if he is decent, he will appreciate that you care either way

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