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  1. jesus christ man, thats a bit much. the cgi and character designs in Spy Kids 3: Game Over isnt that bad.

  2. you see its because he wants to convert himself to the worlds greatest religion, Breadism

  3. If actually swap Bucky out for Abomination or Red Hulk. He feels out of place with these people. Red Guardian is at least different in that he's a bit funny. Bucky is a good person and helped save half the universe. If anyone here has paid for their sins it's him. He's got nothing to prove.

  4. saitama's one thing as a character is he beats everyone with one punch. how are people washing him?

  5. Yeah, his one gimmick is beating people in one punch glances at Boros and Garou.

  6. Not really, they boil down to "She has a radically different personality from MJ to the point she is unrecognizable as her comics counterpart."

  7. and yet no one questions ned being just miles morales' friend from the comics, and flash being just another nerd but mean to peter instead of a jock like he is in the comics lol. these people do know that the movies are surprisingly enough not the comics, right?

  8. Hey wouldn’t it be crazy if Vulture was played by that Batman guy!

  9. christian bale? i think he'll be busy with the batman series christopher nolan is doing which will probably be five movies long or smthn, idk tho, i didnt really like batman begins much so i dont have high hopes for the sequel they're releasing next year

  10. will probably still be better than that shite paramount is doing tho. "iron man"? like literally no one has heard of or cares about that character, and they got that druggie robert downey jr to play him? talk about box office suicide. just watch, next theyll have a movie about that old character captain america for some reason, and theyll have the guy who played johnny storm in fantastic four play him lol

  11. dude! i loved the part where he said "it's ironin' time" and ironed all over the bad guy! i hope they make another one soon, but the next marvel movie is some unrelated sequel to that hulk movie from a few years back, it prolly wont go anywhere tho : (

  12. Trigon already has conquered several universes, he needs Raven to conquer earth. He doesn't need her to conquer other universes essentially making her leaving earth useless. Moreover, it is also about Raven's morality, Raven wants to take an active role in stopping evil (Trigon) that is why Raven created the teen titans.

  13. i understand that Raven leaving Earth would be useless for Trigon, but if her goal is to protect Earth, wouldnt it make the most sense to just not be on Earth so Trigon cant use her as a portal to Earth?

  14. So what you’re saying is that she should keep going to different universe and till he catch her inevitably and still get to earth? Instead of find a way to stop him from killing earth by going to earth and telling the people of earth that a demon lord is coming in order to get the people there prepared?

  15. how would he get to Earth if Raven wasnt there? i thought the entire thing was he needed to use her as a portal to get there or something

  16. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  17. he didn't, ucn isn't hell, its a nightmare made by toyshk

  18. oh, i havent read any fnaf books since the silver eyes trilogy so i have no clue what weird shit is going on in the lore past like UCN itself

  19. Open source means the code written is freely available for anyone who wants to see or interact with it. In practice it means that people can point out issues to you, or if they are so inclined take a copy of the code, modify it to fix the problem and then request the fix be included in your code base (no compensation required). This also comes with specific kinds of software liscencing that allows anyone to take a copy of the code, and modify it and distribute it separately themselves if they want (but it inherits the same software liscence)

  20. Yeah, but more than just those. Any software can be open source, office software (like libreoffice), media players (like vlc media player), image processing software (GIMP), game engines (like godot), and so so much more.

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