1. It’s an amazing journey that changed a lot of us. Catch you later on down the trail.

  2. Amazing shots. First one is perfect. A gorgeous addition to an already beautiful game. Did you get all the new armors?

  3. I did all three back to back three times when these came out. Just me, my homeboy and a large jar of reefer.

  4. I got mine on Black Friday of 2014 as well. ✋ but also sorry for your loss. F

  5. Cleaning the fan out won’t help him anymore, his motherboard died, meaning a chip on it broke. He would probably need micro soldering to repair it

  6. I used to work in the dining room at a senior living facility, and I can confirm horrible stories like these. Usually told without any remorse.

  7. Well I doubt JK is gonna sell her rights to those characters anytime soon, so I guess it’s never happening.

  8. It has not been relevant in years. I also never understood how Hef just had that one type of Barbie Girl Blond that he always dated. If I had 5 girlfriends, you can bet there would be a nice variety of ethnicities and body types.

  9. Hef himself once said “some artists have a blue period, I’m on my platinum blonde period.” But I totally agree with you. Variety.

  10. It's for buildings that look super evil but actually aren't.

  11. Shall we talk about what Catholic priests do to young boys and how the people in this little city cover it up? Sounds pretty evil to me.

  12. Go. Further. Back. No mafia, no WW1. We’ve had those. Give us a Van Der Linde gang origin story or a Landon Ricketts/Black Belle shoot ‘em up with other classic slingers.

  13. I'm working on platinum myself, friend. Go for it. Traveler's Attire for the win.

  14. How does this final boss compare to the Valkyrie Queen in God of War?

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