1. Also, regarding your point about beliefs, I think they can act as enemies or they can be super beneficial. I've been experimenting with using (calm and sure) belief to heal, and it has worked well.

  2. I've been experimenting with this first-hand. I can:

  3. Side note, but why do the villains and antagonists always have some kind of purple coloring or purple signifier in the MCU? For example, Thanos was purple, Agatha Harkness had purple magic, Dormammu had a lot of purple tones to him, and Kang has a purple suit. The only superhero with purple coloring who wasn't considered an outright villain was Black Panther, and technically he was considered an antagonist for a few brief moments in Captain America: Civil War.

  4. "This is to reset your system back to the way it originally"

  5. I'm learning this the hard way due to some intrusive thoughts that I have to keep deleting :(

  6. This is awesome! I was thinking of doing something like this too! I couldn't find a little tin box like that but I got a small wooden box that I was thinking of using.

  7. You should explain what you mean by "modern feminism" because that term seems to have gone through so many iterations in just the last decade. I've seen people say they aren't feminist only to turn around and say something that sounds quite feminist, lol. So I assume a lot of folks are working off of different interpretations and definitions.

  8. None of this is true. Lilith comes from the lilin and Lamashtu, both of whom were enemies of Inanna/Ishtar, and have no relation at all to Asherah.

  9. How does the translator remember everything he just said? Lol.

  10. Oh wow, I didn't even notice that crowd leaving out.

  11. I like following the days because I noticed that my energy level tends to match them. I tend to feel more introspective and like more of a "wanderer" on Mondays, more focused and productive on Tuesdays, more willing to have meetings on Wednesdays, etc.

  12. I've been wondering how to explore other parts of the universe, not just our self-created ones. Like, how to interact with astral forms and entities (spirits, etc.) outside of ourselves, not just the ones we create. I've been especially curious about this because I'm not always comfortable with the sigils or seals that I see people using to communicate with spirits, especially if I don't know where the sigil or seal came from, so I've been trying to understand how to "call" a spirit that I've never met before and ensure that the one who responds is the one I actually want to speak to.

  13. I love this! This is awesome. Thanks! I'm going to give it a shot today.

  14. Does this mean that when we're in an intense daydream/trance state that we're also astral traveling? I'm wondering because the concept of astral traveling has always confused me. People say we astral travel when we dream and that makes sense because our bodies are asleep. But I don't how people are astral traveling while "awake." Are they simply in so deep of a meditative state that they can no longer feel their bodies? So astral traveling is basically deep meditation that feels like your body is along for the ride?

  15. I've been working full time in the unseen world with the help of ETs developing, or better word becoming aware, of all the abilities we naturally have, and how exactly they work and how to use them to advance life here on earth as well extremely advance the life we live after we awaken from this dream on earth. Fantasy life on earth where everything operates in very weird ways compared to the Real Life in the so called unseen world, where all the people/entities from everywhere that exists take residency between the fantasy lives on weird simulated planets like earth.

  16. This is an amazing comment. I've recently discovered (? not sure if that's even the right word to use...) that I can delete certain longstanding thoughts by just asking them to be deleted and I've been exploring the possibilities around creating mental thoughtforms to teach me things, similar to what you described with creating a professor with infinite knowledge. It's hard to describe and I'm not sure if I'm being articulate, but I've been shocked at just how easy it is? Literally, I've done the same thing where I will think "create this now" or "do this thing now" and it will just happen, seemingly instantaneously. The next thing I want experiment with is skill absorption -- like, "instantaneously" knowing how to do a new skill.

  17. Yes, mine loves to jump in the tub and will stare at the water spout to see if any drips out.

  18. Strickland is actually listening to his coach now and throwing low kicks. Why didn't he listen in the Cannonier fight?

  19. Why are you being so rude? There's a big difference between someone's feelings hurt and "being offended"

  20. Simplified. It’s a masculine sign in a female modality. Strong and disciplined etc. but introspective. Like Libra is a feminine but in a masculine modality. Normally agreeable sweet and feminine but a total social butterfly. Deals with things loudly and with others. Not as introspective and methodical.

  21. He is talking specifically about pregnancy. How do you not get that? But have fun trying to "gotcha" me.... SMH

  22. I think pregnant people is a great term, as I would not consider a pregnant 10 year old a woman.

  23. No, because a pregnant 10 year old would be a “girl.”

  24. You’re right that Chaos Magik is very chaotic / anarchistic and I wouldn’t disagree with your description. As I understand it though the Chaos term came about based on the Greek myth that in the beginning was only Khaos, and everything in the universe (including the Gods) was created out of it. So there’s a view that what we do with magic is connect to that original khaos which has the power to create / influence anything. Obviously this is chaos magik so that view isn’t true, because nothing is true, and you can choose to believe whatever you want but afaik that’s where it came from originally

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