1. Therapy and active choices to address weaknesses and taking personal responsibility for one's emotions and actions lol

  2. Probably has an avoidant attachment style, which is more important than INFJ vs ENTP incompatibilities

  3. If a girl says you don’t listen, most of the time they mean you aren’t giving them your full and completely undivided attention. No such thing as too dominant of a presence. Other than that, welcome to the world of self improvement. Never stop valuing it any less than 10/10

  4. The only thing that's universal there is the coccyx and that's vestigal, it's slowly disappearing and doesn't cause any problems. You can't make that claim about emotions.

  5. Coccyx is NOT vestigial. Nothing in the human body is, this shit science was debunked years ago. Nature is all about efficiency save the occasional mating ritual.

  6. I learned to ask people of they can be cheered up by laughing. If not, then I have to rely on my imo underdeveloped means of being optimistic and trying to paint the situation in a new light, but yes 100%. This was a complete fucking mystery to me the first time I had a gf that could not be easily cheered up by making her laugh or making light of the situation.

  7. I’m waiting for the investigations to start, us OGs will hopefully be given what we were entitled to by holding through the first TRCH record date and beyond, before it was illegally traded on OTC. I can’t for the life of me understand why it’s so hard for these people to work out. Those that were given the shares and were on the record date data originally should get NBH pref, all others given a refund of whatever they put in! Either way, this is disgusting the way it’s been handled.

  8. This sentiment is very poorly thought out. What happens if someone sold their mmtlp and bought a ferarri with it. You wanna “undo” that? Yeah, good luck bud 😂 think about these things people

  9. 0 out of 10 impulsive. I am meticulous and calculated.

  10. Interesting. Would you say that you were always meticulous and calculated, or did it require substantial growth to get to where you are now?

  11. It is a product of raw self discipline and massive ambition

  12. WHAT?!? It’s rigged? REALLY?!?! 🙀🙀🙀 No seriously this is nothing new… wtf do you expect at this point? You want change? Help out with the finrafraud situation

  13. is there a chance they are waiting for 165mil DRS and then open up trading to close out the rest? i'm pretty lost so i'm just waiting it out..

  14. No, this WILL NOT happen because then we legally can ask for a price of 10000000000000000000000 (I don’t even know how big this is, it’s just to prove a point) and they have to pay. That would literally crash the system lol.

  15. You can always watch an absolutely terrible movie to make fun of together. Twilight was imo one of the best comedies ever written 😂

  16. This is a skill I have had to work on for sure. If people can be cheered up by laughing we are golden, otherwise I am getting okay at it but I’m still no expert that’s for sure.

  17. RH may not be og shares if synthetics carried over from TRCH

  18. No. I want brokers to suffer and so I purposely never even bothered. I want those fuckers to pay for their fraud $1000 a share. Go bankrupt and die you pieces of shit.

  19. Yes, this point this is true until we are shown otherwise

  20. Dafuq 😂 what area of THE WORLD do you live in and are you a man or a woman for starters?? Bahahahaha 🤣

  21. I’m 34 and very good at swing trading and investing. I was all in on MMTLP and if things had played out legally would have a net worth in the 7 to 8 figure range. Look up #finrafraud, stock market is do fucked rn. So in that regard I -would have- fit the mold of being poor early and filthy rich later as is the entp way. May still happen in the coming months, who knows.

  22. You can start by going to counseling. Your head is in a fundamentally wrong and dangerous place.

  23. Ad someone in the latter category, make fuck you money first, learn business skills, and then do the latter. No joke, this is the way.

  24. You bought shares? That genuinely shouldn’t be possible.

  25. Not being publicly traded can’t stop you from selling something you own. You can sell a private company, it’s just not done on an exchange.

  26. High school very low. College 4.0 or so

  27. I think a fun hobby after I get paid would be to start a private company that seeks out heavily shorted micro caps, then buys up their floats.

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