1. This is the first time in my life being called transphobic — and exceptionally ironical given that im trans myself. Lmfao.

  2. Wow surprising, considering that you’re intentionally acting like an asshole to your gender and still refuses to address the character as a man, a gay person can still be Homophobic, what’s to say a trans person can’t?

  3. I am not gonna comment on the past stuff thst has been said. But you do realise not all transpersons think the same when it comes to the topic. There are some who see it differently so why I don't know if the user is acctualy trans or not, isn't you actively denying the view of a transpersonal fo how he views himself also transphobic? Since apparantly it would be transphobic for straight people to disagree with the lgbtq views. So not sure how it should work differently for you.

  4. That’s… not how it works? A trans person is what they identify as, no other wonky stuff or some self interpretation on what a trans person is, it’s like saying gay people can also be attracted to the opposite gender, which makes them bisexual, not gay, I am calling the other person a ‘transphobic’ because they refuse to acknowledge what a trans person is and is pushing their beliefs that trans people are still tied down to and should be seen as what’s the gender they are born as, when they are not

  5. 800 max level players with pretty good gears since they are from the top 10 guilds, and 700 level 70~80 NPCs, and even tho they had so much power, they were the ones who came out crying because nazaric had defenses that they could only call unfair. Lmao, I just love how we don't even know 0.01% of nazaric's power, those traps are nasty.

  6. When was it stated that the raid was formed by the top 10 guilds?

  7. NPCs are not only xenophobic to humans, but to basically all other creature that’s not from Nazarick, they wouldn’t care less if you’re a human or not if you’re from Nazarick

  8. Touch me only have around 30% of beating her, and touch me can take on 3 players at the same time, so it’s highly likely she’ll wipe the floor with Sebas, Cocytus and Albedo combined

  9. They can probably purchase Guild level and make the pleiades’ level higher, or use ourorobos, but that’s back in the game, i don’t think it can happen in NW

  10. The most popular and likely theory is that players get thrown to new world if they are in possession of a world item or is close to one, seeing as the other 40 members have no presence at the time of the game shutdown, it’s incredibly unlikely that they’d also get yeeted to NW, and Author statements iirc says that other members won’t really appear

  11. Exactly… like he is just a nerd for unique magic. At the end of the day dragon slayer magic is just elemental magic combined with the power to eat the element to recover.

  12. It’s more than just eating your element tho and recovering, it basically regenerates your HP and MP and buffs your magic’s damage, dragon force also greatly enhances someone’s general stats, and just insane amount of firepower it have, I’d say that’s something Ainz would want to steal upon knowing its effect

  13. The real questions is how does the magic make you more effective at slaying dragons

  14. If we apply FT rules to overlord then it’d probably spell to having your spells have additional damage to dragons/dragon type enemies and generally making them more vulnerable to your dragon slaying magic

  15. You’d need something that isn’t short of a world item to really change her settings, a really OP mind control skill can also probably control her, tho not affect her settings

  16. Humans don’t have counter to magic, and magic hhave too much varieties and possible applications that would just be too OP for humans to handle, nukes are literally out of the equation here, humans would also die if they use it and Nazarick can seize control before they even realize how much of a threat the tomb is

  17. I guess this is true if you particularly seek a good weak to strong adventure of a heroic protagonist, but guess what? It isn’t

  18. Demiurge is still level 100, even with his low tier build, he’s still 12 levels beyond zesshi, and he can also summon a level 80+ evil lord who can also summon another evil lord

  19. Demiurge can only lose if he has no way to counter TGOALID- means he needs a ressurection item, a spell to ressurect himself or a way to deal with this skill in another way (for example- if it's possible to just teleport away from her in order to escape the skill).

  20. Having means to resurrect yourself os quite common for high level players, and given how AOG is a hoarder guild, the guardians would probably have atleast a single item to resurrect their self, no matter how low level it is

  21. They would be happy about it, almost anything Ainz does would make them beam with joy

  22. Being someone's friend means they are equal. The NPC would never truly accept anyone (other than the guild members) as Ainz-sama's friend. They would at best reluctantly accept it under a direct order or accept it while thinking this is part of an unimaginable grand plan.

  23. Someone is a supreme being if Ainz says so, the NPCs would hold someone Ainz considers equal at higher value than them but lower than the 41 SBs

  24. Ainz team would give a decent fight but would ultimately lose, that is until WCI is involved

  25. If he is so smart why des he always get Ainz's ideas and plans WRONG?

  26. Because Ainz rarely have any plans, Demiurge as well as every other Naz NPCs thinks Ainz is some kind of nigh omniscient god playing 4D chess with the world resulting in him always overthinking everything Ainz does and thinking there’s a deeper meaning to it, that’s such a basic information than anyone who watch Overlord would know

  27. Having “World” classes doesn’t mean you are like a World Champion, World Disaster is a super rare magic class solely focused on high damage spells, as a collateral, it costs more mana than normal

  28. If he played his cards right, he probably can, he can easily chip away Ainz’ HP with his high damage output, the only problem is how fast he can do it, I’d imagine a fight between them be decided on who can make the other’s HP go zero faster, Ulbert with his spell spamming or Ainz utilizing his summon to deal massive amount of damage

  29. Can’t speak for R1 but R2 and 3 Wanda would demolish Maleficent

  30. Generally? None other than Ainz, individually, everyone would choose their creators barring Albedo because of her changed settings

  31. No, for example neuronist is an integral part of nazariks information network and isnt lvl 100, all the cleaners and staff of nazarik are low level, low level are also useful defenders they are cheap and can exhaust any invasion party allowing for easier fights for the floor guardians.

  32. Neuronist was useless in the game, he have no real purpose until Nazarick was yeeted to NW

  33. It wasn’t really confirmed but iirc she’s one of the higher level NPCs in nazarick, so probably in the 90

  34. Fairies, imagine a 3 inch flying creature spamming a 1 inch arrow that deals massive amount of damage, LOL

  35. I don’t think you understand how powerful a hypothetical level 140 custom NPC would be, it’d at least be in the realm of World Enemies, since IIRC weakest one is atleast level 100, and you’d need dozens of players to kill one, you’d probably be able to atleast survive an attack from 7 of Nazarick’s floor, or be stronger than the entirety of Nazarick depending on how OP a level 140 can really be

  36. She isnt copying, the gear is simply giving her those abilities.

  37. Uh no, she copies the skill of the previous owner of the gears she possess, it’s impossible for gears to give someone ultimate trump card skills like World breaker, grand catastrophe, TGoALiD, etc. which Zesshi can do if she ever uses Touch Me or Ulbert’s items, unless those are WCI (which it obviously isn’t)

  38. Oh I don’t know maybe the fact that u can’t prove how hard he hit him and how much energy was absorbed by thanos

  39. The burden of proof is on you tho, you’re the one claiming things here, so don’t shift the responsibility to other people

  40. Except we do see a shockwave one and two I don’t care if u don’t agree with the statement. Three if ur talking about heat thanos survived the snap which is hot enough to instantly melt the uru gauntlet

  41. There’s literally zero shockwave there other than that dust show that’s traveled like a couple meters (when thor hit the ground with mjolnir), and we see visible cracks traveling and breaking the ground, that’s not something any shockwave would do, you’re not even trying to actually argue lmao

  42. IIRC the average guild base level is 500, and that should already be a pretty hard clear for a party of players, or several even, it’s simply impossible for a player to solo clear a guild base with 1000 levels, that’s just absurd, even Touch Me (one of the top players) can only defeat around 3 players and that’s already considered bug-like

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