1. Because we are getting harassed daily by people about this stupid game. Search function exists, especially for topics that are going to be common, like this one

  2. If it's actually a preference and not transphobia it's fine. I prefer vaginas but am all for penis too. That's what a preference is.

  3. You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

  4. Yes, we should open up transition related care, free of charge, to all who suffer.

  5. That's not true. Look at other "classic" mmos that have returned and flourished. Old-school Runescape and WOW Classic are booming and are extremely successful.

  6. I love people who bring up osrs without actually playing it.

  7. 0 because it's not fun. And anyone who thinks it is would stop playing in a few weeks if they made it that far.

  8. It's not rocket science. Try things and ask her as you go.

  9. You are a trans man from the moment you say you are one

  10. Kind of hard to when your entire post is nonsense

  11. Besides trial and error you won't find them easily. Nexon removed our only source for a drop list years ago and has no plans on giving us anything back for it.

  12. Just pick one of the original characters and start doing quests and killing things

  13. I actually loved tithe farm and am going to use it to level farming beyond what I need. It's a nice relaxing mini game if you let it be. I'm an UIM so maybe that's why.

  14. There's more than just two genders, but again it would depend on the person. Not all who detransition feel the same, and people detransition for all kinds of reasons, that may not be simply "I'm not trans after looking into more".

  15. genitals has nothing to do with being cis or trans.

  16. It's not offensive to the community. Use the pronouns you are being asked to you, or ask for help if it's confusing. But it's not offensive

  17. Ohhh, I don't want liposuction, my teacher had that and she looks super different...so I guess I'll just have to exercise and diet alot...

  18. Ohh sorry, I'll take baby steps. So sugary drinks and salty snacks, what else?? I have soda and stuff alot so I have to cut that out 😭 I'll try my best, thank you.

  19. Just cutting out the soda for a few weeks/months til you no longer get tempted to buy it would be a huge step in the right direction.

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