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  1. I dont do it often but now i got a water bottle (specifically the green gatorade one so its fun and i use it more)

  2. A autistic man who posts tiktoks and people have named him "Mr.President". Sadly Daniel Larson has a lot of proof against him that he is a pedo but no one cares, why? Because its tiktok.

  3. Bro why would you ever do this lmfao like spit is better to use than damn alcohol

  4. How is this supposed to be a cringey "really deep" post? I dont see anything really deep about this

  5. Probably limbo rn but I also love ditty and this one other song that i forget the name of

  6. I think around 9 I found out what porn was and 10 I started fapping. I am now 14.

  7. I didn't fap for 3 days and I felt like I had almost double the amount of energy while working out than I had when I'd fap every day and hit the gym

  8. Thanks bro this gives great feedback because I recently have been tired asf so this gives me more reasons/motivation to keep on going. Keep up the grind king β€πŸ‘‘

  9. Trust me bro you are going to relive the horror all over again and be in my position. It seems like its just a challenge before you do it but then you realise its just a mistake. Dont stop your grind. Have a good day king πŸ‘‘.

  10. Lucky mine has left me on delivered for a week and keeps on dry texting me

  11. Bro would you rather have a nice relationship and sex life or win a fucking internet challenge lol

  12. Best workouts for lower chest and lower abs? Preferably calisthenics cuz i dont have much equipment at home

  13. At least get some floor dip bars or doorway pull-up bar on amazon

  14. Yeah I wanna start doing dead hangs and pull ups they are a great workout for forearms and biceps

  15. You should be more worried about your choice of wall decor...wtf is that?!?! Sexy jolly green sailor giant, or sexy boat captian grinch

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