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  1. If the Swiss governments were to buy enough shares of GME at market open to satisfy the 9 Billion Dollar guarantee that they gave to UBS, it would be a brilliant play.

  2. No one is selling. They would make the price go up but then what? Keep increasing and then default.

  3. Vi burde at vide hvilke aktier de holder, alle der har støttet partier, hvem der bliver betalt for reklame kampagner og lignende. Det må gerne komme 2 år forsinket hvis det hjælper politikerne.

  4. De skal faktisk vise deres portefølje med alle positioner over 50k. Om de gør det, er ligeså sikkert, som at jeg aldrig går over for rødt når der ingen biler er.

  5. My friends who are Ukrainian were telling me about this. Not this actual story but about the issue. The way they explained it, a lot of folks who were too old or infirm to join the army signed up with their local militia group thinking they'd be deployed locally (Obviously there were also folks who were fit and young and didn't want to wait) - (kind of like a Dad's Army, if you're from the UK). Few of them had any training and fewer got any - that was dependent on the local organisation. In the Summer the government had a shortage of troops. The TDF volunteers had signed a contract with the government so they could be sent quickly. Many of them ended up on the front line of hot areas. I accept that they were all volunteers. And I accept that this is Russias fault. But it's still ass backwards.

  6. If it gives any comfort most Russian have just as poor training. The real problem is the size of the front.

  7. Never seen full version. This made me laugh. Thanks for the repost.

  8. Nope, men de har en god kundeservice du kan tage fat i.

  9. Immutable Is fine as long as it's the official website.. most of these are "read only" connections so they can confirm that you're holding something, just keep your seed phrase secure, and would highly reccomend as burner wallet to use as a middleman for all those "sketch connections" Me personally, I treat my loopring wallet as a savings account then I'll create a gamestop wallet for purchases, therefor nothing connects directly to my loopring wallet 👍

  10. This really seem like the safest approach.

  11. So there goes the trend, holy shit that's a lot of tanks! 20 tanks is what is said Russia can produce in a month.

  12. I was thinking the same thing. This is nuts.

  13. I thought it was Putin's body double that went to Crimea.

  14. While driwing in car he brushed his hair well knowing there was a camera behind him. For some reason this doesn't strike me as something Putin would do.

  15. 10 steps til at løse ældrebyrden. Step 10 vil overraske dig.

  16. Aldrig. Sverige har endnu større inflation.

  17. Ja du kan stadig flytte. NN er dog dyr at flytte fra (1.000 kr) til ibkr.

  18. Koster det 1000x antal eller 1000×1 share? Tror det er den første ellers bliver det alt for dyrt 😅

  19. If that happens....anarchy. just sayin

  20. No. Short term yes but we can just make a new currency and print unlimited of old. Problem solved. JPowell

  21. Jeg har pr dags dato ikke røget hash i 14 dage efter et 8 år langt misbrug

  22. Det var forfriskende at læse alle de indlæg. Reddit crowden hade det med at tegne et glansbillede af hash.

  23. Wow! I could've sworn that the apes were responsible for destroying teachers pension plans? Isn't that what you said, Kenneth? 🙄

  24. So SVB collapse is related to gme? That would be a nice twist :D

  25. Undskyld Sverige, men hvad fanden sker der? Hvorfor får i ikke rettet den lovgivning så politiet kan få ryddet op?

  26. Never underestimate the fuckery power of fractional reserve fraud.

  27. Lol indeed. The FED was always the real liquidity fairy.

  28. because the free money spigot got turned off, so they need to get money however they can. They think they can out earn the interest fees.

  29. This is actually not good news. That means the CFTC regulates crypto, at the hands of Rostin the terdnugget.

  30. The crypto crowd are again missing the big picture. This is bad indeed.

  31. No more free loans from banks. Say goodbye to all debted companies and projects.

  32. Yes. Nu får vi endelig at se om bankerne er så solide som vi hele tiden får afvide (not) og hvor mange virksomheder der faktisk er solvente.

  33. Cho cho. Here comes the financial crash train!

  34. Saudis you forget the Saudis burning cash on credit suisse. But i guess it could still be counted as credit suisse.

  35. Read the name of the sub, this is really not the place where pointing out any negatives will garner a positive response. (Nor do they pretend to be the place where this should happen.)

  36. While there might be some truth in your statement I think it misses the target. There are plenty of bad news in here. We just like to celebrate the good ones.

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