1. Some folks aren’t happy with them advertising this as a terrestrial story, based on earth. They wanted it to focus on space. Nothing else came across as any sort of negative or controversial statement unless you had different Lanterns preferred.

  2. Yeah I’m stoked too. I hope it leads to more space stuff but I’m happy with everything they announced for us.

  3. micky mowse wold nvere say tihs i am shaknig adn cryign

  4. I don't know why but videos that fit the contagious laughter criteria are fine to me most of the time but the sure itself annoys mee to no end

  5. You’re from Alabama, they’re from Alabama, I’m sure you’re related somewhere on their strangler fig family tree.

  6. Vine dying was what caused YouTube to be inflicted with the Paul brother/shitty influencer plague, if tik tok gets banned we'd be in for an even worse plague of stupid

  7. Hmmm, reminds me of something… but I just can’t fill that hole in my memory.

  8. Where exactly are they picking up these men who remove their shirts to reveal their well defined abs? Asking so I can obviously avoid these particular areas…

  9. I like Hal just fine, but Jessica Cruz is probably my favorite GL from Earth & it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s orientation.

  10. As a black person hal has always been my favorite but Guy,John, and Kyle all have characteristics people can identify with, so it’s totally understandable when they use the one of the other three lanterns in a piece of media. I really hate that people have to racist about these things.

  11. In Ultimate Cartoon he was a mixture of both 616 and 1610 Goblin and I Kinda liked it

  12. Give city origins and asylum an overhaul of graphics and combat up to knight’s level

  13. Idk sbout combat, the other games aren't entirely built for it especially not Asylum

  14. I just mean the flow and the mid battle takedown stuff, none of the crazy stuff from knight like fear takedowns

  15. Mate it’s nothing special it’s just 2 minutes of footage you coulda watched on YouTube for free in high quality lmao still can’t believe ppl went to the cinema to re watch this shit for 2 minutes that coulda just been on YT 😂 the scenes don’t add anything to the film they’re just there for the sake of being there

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