1. We need class action lawsuit against the SEC. They have completely failed retail investors. They should not receive taxpayer money to fuck over the taxpayers. WTF 🤬

  2. No one did better than anyone in 2023 since it’s happening now. BTC did better than 97% of the S&P “so far”

  3. I am thankful for Miller. And thankful for all the lurkers like OP. As well as for the huge amazing community. ❤️

  4. Speechless. Ok maybe not. Sweet Jesus. Thank you, just thank you 🙏 😋

  5. Everyone here is just a monkey on a typewriter and no one else can change my chimp mind

  6. Ook oook. Me use tablet monkey no figure how to get typewriter work for Wi-Fi. Monkey smoke too much(or just enuff) tree though probably plugged in to wrong typewriter port.

  7. According to the white paper? What is the source I would love to read about it?

  8. There’s no white paper, it’s a token. They’ve changed the tokenomics last year without any vote involved

  9. A much needed day off from fiat mining tomorrow to spend time with family. Downside less dca money but I don’t get much time off gotta take what I can get.

  10. They can ofcourse hedge by buying a shitload of the one and only idiosyncratic risk stock

  11. I hate my pieces of paper… slept better just trusting a cex

  12. Err what? Why so many upvotes? Oh yeah bots. Guess I’m about to lose some karma. But I doubt all the people that lost money in the FTX fiasco and the many others over the years would agree. Get a better system

  13. I know nothing about this but souls the script be written to check the first 1/1000th of the combinations. Then another for the next 1/1000th and so on? Seems possible but super time consuming to write the script. But once it’s done could you reuse it but just change the world for another situation.

  14. No worries, she doesn’t know what she’s missing...

  15. Did you see how much that BTC rock sold for? Or was it ETH? Either way it was ridoncurous

  16. Amazing for Moons. But only great for advertisers. People buying tiles as investment is just dumb.

  17. That’s what they said about BTC 2011 ish. Shit some still say it.

  18. confusing wall of text, so rocket emoji = good, govt = bad

  19. The birds will fly around and grab cash for you and bring it home so you can stack 😂. No bs

  20. That still doesn't affect the inflation causes we've seen over the last year though. The rise in cost for gas and oil doesn't stem from the FED or USD per se, it's because of other factors. The rise in cost is how we measure inflation so to not weigh that in is naïve at best.

  21. The rise is cost is a direct result of QE infinity over the last 5 and more years (excluding the last year or two. Believe what you like but you can’t print that much cash without devaluation of the dollar

  22. Omg I’m getting 2017 vibes. Anyone remember Waltonchain?

  23. You have about an iota of the digital currency value you once had. The name was enough to scare me away.

  24. Wait we don't have to pay the older redditors moons?! Who have I been sending my moons to all this time?

  25. One of Unity’s verified DEX solutions is immutable the largest web3 blockchain in the world. Immutable is also partnered with GameStop. We are so early.

  26. Doesn't the most of news sites work like that? I find so difficult to surf avoiding clickbaity headlines

  27. Journalism is dead. MSM is literally entertainment and propaganda.

  28. Probably just believes in that shit why would they sell now?

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