1. you don’t need an org. Say you tutored a friend for a summer and got like 50 hours in doing so then give a number of your friend to verify. Trust guidance does not have too much on their hands to personally verify everyone’s hours. My friend did it and it went through

  2. My guidance checked people in my year and they questioned 2 students for a soccer volunteering thing saying their website said nothing about non profit

  3. You got rejected from electrical with a 97.2? Do I even have a chance for it with a 97?

  4. Yeah definetly I had really bad ECs and marks were inflated to hell last year

  5. As I mentioned above, I believe marks have gone down due to the addition of exams and stuff. Even last year a bunch of people got admitted with averages of less than 97 so I wouldn’t count yourself out.

  6. There’s a chance you might not get a scholarship? Idk id clarify with them

  7. It’s an example could be swapped for the less competitive programs

  8. Ah I see. I would say just follow the discipline that you want to be in. If you’re passionate and try hard enough you’ll succeed and be more happy because of it. I had the choice between uoft civil and Mac free choice and I ultimately chose the one that I thought aligned with what I wanted more.

  9. My friend spoke like one sentence and got in last year don’t worry too much. It’s over now there’s not much you can do

  10. Uoft engineering . Stayed up until 5:30 am. Alarm was set to 6:45 am for a 9 am exam.

  11. For me last year I didn’t really get emails so I had to check through ouac or the applicat portal itself

  12. Like for example for uoft eng, the averages they state on their website is WAY too low and gives people false hope into thinking they might get in

  13. I think asking people who have been through the admissions process or people on here are a more reliable source tbh

  14. You would have to decline your first offer to accept the other one. But please make sure that the other offer is still available to do so.

  15. Rotman/Ivey/Schulich, although things currently look bleak, so I'm settling with other programs like UofT Actuarial Science (anything to do with Stats/Math/Management)

  16. Note that if you apply to rotman they will also offer you the opportunity potentially get into humanities, life sci or physical and mathematical sciences.

  17. Yep, that's where the actuarial science kicks in lol. Although I am a little unnerved since it says on the website that your alternate admissions choice is only considered after the first choice applicants

  18. That is true and I also noticed that if you don’t get into anything at uoft they have a higher chance of giving you an alternative offer which is kinda interesting. For example, I didn’t get a math offer after getting rejected from rotman, but my friend did but my average was way higher. I think the reason he got it over me was because I had already gotten in a different uoft choice(engineering) <—— not 100% on this but just to note

  19. I kinda got fucked over by early admissions… I applied to uoft electrical engineering and I ended up getting deferred to civil engineering right after first semester marks got in. Because I got into civil I could no longer be qualified for electrical even if I got my average up to 100 by the midterms of sem 2.

  20. Is it top 6 major courses or just the top 6 because I have a cooking class that’s higher than my English class so do they take the English or cooking

  21. Top 6, but prerequisites have to be in there. So eng, chem, physics, functions, calculus and one more 4U or 4M course. Not sure what cooking falls under

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