1. You better believe I bought the top and sold the bottom of OILD today.

  2. Ouch! Seemed like a good move

  3. Yeah I bought it right before the OPEC official announcement they were cutting production… fak.

  4. Saban will retire eventually... right? RIGHT?

  5. If Ukraine thing doesn’t get worse y’all better be ready for $50 Oil coming soon to a refinery near you.

  6. Well even the Fed WANTS a "soft landing" its just that Jpow is perfectly willing to drive the world into recession now rather than later if thats what it takes to control prices.

  7. driving the world into a recession = lower oil prices = putin has less money.

  8. Can someone explain what incentive China's private banks would have to dump their strengthening USD holdings to buy a weakening Yuan? Or what mechanism the central bank could levy to create an incentive? Is there some sort of fine or tax they will impose for holding USD? Does Xi simply decree it, and then threaten criminal action to banks that don't follow?

  9. China has a decent amount of dollars and US treasuries due to trade imbalance with the US over time. They use this $ to trade for yuan; pushing dollars into the system while taking their currency out of circulation. It’s a form of yuan monetary tightening.

  10. Arundel Mills mall has a Merrell store, but that’s much closer to Baltimore, about an hour from DC

  11. I’m voting republican from now on

  12. seriously how can AMD drop like 5% every day. the fuck happened to this stock. It’s going below 60 for sure.

  13. Putin just chuckles when he hears sanctions

  14. Crazy we had those 3 inches in one DAY a month ago or so. Filled up my 2000 liter rain barrel in about an hour. Now all dry.

  15. The main reason I like JEPI going forward is I don’t expect a lot of growth in stocks over the next few years; thus, the call options would be less likely to be ITM which benefits JEPI holders due to the covered call strategy

  16. Wait around in a decade or so and maybe SoFi stock will be $20 or so.

  17. I don't like drinking so I'm gonna smoke weed and probably get really anxious & paranoid about the end of the world.

  18. If only there was a crypto that didn’t take 1.5 hours to make a transaction, that didn’t cost $5 to make a transaction, that didn’t consume more electricity than Belgium!

  19. Almost everything you said is false, but go off with the 2013 complaints.

  20. Yep it does have real problems. It had even more problems in 2012 when I first heard of it.

  21. Bought a bunch of uvxy calls this morning, I feel like Michael burry ✌️😱🚀

  22. Because the Bank of England started QE today… you didn’t see the news?

  23. Nah, the fed isn't going to do what BOE is having to do. UK's inflation problems are even worse than America's and their new PM just announced a bunch of counterproductive tax cuts a la trickle down economics at the same time they're going to be subsidizing energy. Very incompetent politicians across the pond.

  24. Stocks aside, I really hope they don’t. They need to make a dent in the housing market in addition to inflation. That’s way more important than keeping the stock market up

  25. Hahaha I know. I guess today we learn that AAPL doesn’t actually represent the entire S&P500

  26. Basically quantitive easing during high inflation. What could go wrong……

  27. Insurance companies actually make more money than they pay out. Those who insure actually lose.

  28. Yeah it's like socialism, or our damn tax brackets. There will be winners and losers. But a lot of places require insurance like that. When I was in California we had to have some bullshit extra California fire insurance that was just stupid expensive

  29. The homeless, minorities, gays, uppity women - I'll bet you and your buddies made sure they all knew their place, didn't ya?

  30. It seems like we as a community literally have to reinvent the function of police.

  31. What’s special about this hurricane? Don’t they get this level of storm on an annual basis?

  32. For information on how to surrender to become a prisoner of war, Russian servicemen or their relatives should call the 24-hour numbers: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84.

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