1. I love it but listening to it the sad realization set in again that all we really have left to rely on now are sound memos regarding anything new with music probably.

  2. there is definitely a couple of studio songs left

  3. Why is fraud last when hes by far the best and most accomplished one here

  4. anyone else hate having really good players on the bench?

  5. homophobia so bad you’re scared of some dick? grow up

  6. You definitely not from NY with that post title….

  7. something like this happened to perugia in the 78/79 serie a

  8. Awwww. Sweet that they still showing love to Turnabout after he got kicked

  9. aint conway droppin an album with 38 spesh this year too

  10. how wide did u make rhe streets and sidewalks

  11. 13 blocks from sidewalk to sidewalk. Blackstone road is 5 wide, there's a stair block either side of it as the gutter then sidewalks are 3 blocks wide.

  12. i got a 37 ovr 18 yr old to be 88 ovr in 5 seasons so give him time

  13. he wouldve either gon more into pop/RnB or more conscious hip hop

  14. The threat Rising sea levels has on the Indonesian Capital Jakarta

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